22 September 2008

Games Convention Asia 2008 (Cosplay)

Well, after taking a quarter of a day to sort out, clean the GCA08 images the best I could and resize them, I am finally ready to post them.. Well, the CosCon @ Games Convention Asia was held just yesterday (Saturday)..

The convention was partially covered with cosplayers who want to show their outfit and also to join in the CosCon competition which I will show you all later.. So anyway, I went there with my brother, Infestor51, together with his friend, TX at about 10.30am..

I met up with Feidamu and we scour around for any signs of cosplayers.. Fortunately in the wee hours of the convention, we spotted a Lich King cosplayer who is apparently, Fei's friend.. So I took some shots of the Lich King with his "short-handed" Frostmourne..
We continued walking around and took more pictures of cosplayers who started to stream in at about 12pm.. Enjoy the pictures.. ^^
Well, I expected Loli Illyasviel von Einzbern cosplayer or Illya for short to return but what I didn't expect was that there is a Loli Saber too.. O.o
Yes, you heard me right, there are now two Lolis from the Fate/Stay Night series.. Their dress looks nice and pretty that they got praised by some people when they walked around..

Well, the photographers thinks the same way too.. This might be one of the good loli cosplayers around since Loli Haruhi from CosFest.. ^^
Picture taken from SGCafe..

Well, even the SWAT team and Delta Force group were there to show everyone their stuff.. I like how their weapon looks, so accurately real..
Ok at about 2pm+ it was time for the CosCon competition.. Well, I didn't expect the cosplayers to be great but I was slightly wrong.. Well, lets move on to CosCon copmpetiton..

CosCon Competition:

There are about 20 cosplayers who took part in the competition.. There were some weird and downright ugly cosplayers but there were some that was unique and interesting..

Examples are the Head-Crab character from the game "Half-Life 2"..
The Blood Elf from World of Warcraft..
The Knight Templar from the game "Hellgate London"..

And some of the audience favourite's, Lelouch..
So firstly the 20 cosplayers are cut down to 10 finalists.. After that, the 4 winners are chosen from the 10 finalists.. The Top 4 winners are as follow:

4th Place: Kasumi for "DOA".. Prize is a Gaming Chair..
3rd Place: Blood Elf.. Prize is a Gaming Chair too..
2nd Place: Lich King from WoW.. Prize is a Wii..
1st Place: The Hulk in Armour aka Thrall.. This is the best prize EVER!! The prize is a ticket to BlizzCon2008 at California..
After that, its back to cosplay photoshoot.. Enjoy.. ^^
Well, at least my my question have been answered when I saw some decent Vocaloid cosplayers.. There were the Kagamine Twins..
But thanks to Ruby-san, I finally saw the best picture of Miku-chan.. She was there during the convention.. Although I took my own pictures of Miku, the pictures weren't as good as the other better photographers..
Picture taken from SGCafe..

Then there was the Soul Eater group.. I saw Death the Kidd and the Thompson Twins.. Though not synchronize.. Pity didn't have a shot of Tsubaki.. :P
Best shot during the convention.. Panther with CI and Akabane..
And the result?? xD
Picture of Hinagiku from Hayate no Gotoku.. Looks great.. ^^
Well, if cosplayers aren't enough of you, there are the models in the convention.. if you want to see more, do check Panther's blog.. That lucky Panther.. xD
Well, this wraps up the post about the cosplay event.. Hope you get to enjoy the oics in this entry.. If you want to see a full collection of the pictures I took during the convention, do check it out here..

It is a pity that Ruby-san couldn't finish her costume in time for CosCon @ GCA08.. Well, there are upcoming events in the coming months.. More later on.. As for now, I shall go do on my Wordpress page..


  1. Oh you took a shot of Joy, now I know for sure she was there lol.

    Also I did not take any pictures or even bother to look around the models, read my post clearly dammit. And that Citsu is gay. I refuse to be connected with him in any way.

    I still kick myself in the nuts for missing Miku cosplayer. :(

  2. "Then there was the Soul Eater group.. I saw Death the Kidd and the Thompson Twins.. Though not synchronize.. Pity didn't have a shot of Tsubaki.. :P "

    And I got Tsubaki and Black Star but no Death the Kid and Thompson Sisters XD

    And judging from the shots you have, I've pretty much lost count of how many times we were right beside each other XD

  3. Death the Kid's outfit looks a too tight! O_O
    But otherwise, I'd say good cosplay coming from him/her(?).

    Still, they should've went with symmetrical poses.

  4. Cool cosplayers and the models of the convention looks great!!hahaha
    I found very realistic the SWAT team,... Just like the ones in Counter-Strike,..LOL

  5. @ Panther: Yeah, Joy was there.. I didn't know that was Joy till I got a good look at the picture.. xP

    Well, at least now you get to see the Hatsune Miku cosplayer pic.. I still cant find a good picture of the Tsubaki cosplayer at SGCafe.. x(

    @ NutCase23: Well, I think they didn't synchronize due to Death the Kid having some symmetrical issues.. :P

    Yeah, I didn't realise how many times we were just beside each other.. I should have said hi to you when we were taking pictures.. ^^

    @ Mizunaga: Yeah, agreed.. xD

    @ Phossil: Indeed some of them really look like the characters from CounterStrike.. Their weapons look so real too..

    Must congratulate them for putting so much effort in making so accurate details.. ^^

  6. The Death the Kid team was actually doing a manga cover pose (http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh63/AtomicoX0215/death-the-kidd-render.png)

  7. @ Min: Ah, thank you.. No wonder alot of people keep asking one another the source of that pose..

    However, it is still not symmetrical.. Death the Kid only like symmetry.. xD

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