19 September 2008

Games Convention Asia 2008 (Games)

Another year means another event has just arrived.. Well, what event am I talking about?? Well, it is the Games Convention Asia which once again is held at Suntec City Convention Centre from 18th-20th September.. This is an event I must not missed out.. ^^

Well, as the title of the event sounds, it is generally showcase anything to do with games; PCs, Game Companies, Online Games, Pre-Released games, etc.. For a start, here are some of the many companies that have joined in making this convention a success..
EA and Nintendo, some of the few game companies expected by many to be in GCA08..

As being a newb to this convention, I went to Electronic Arts (EA) booth to check out some of the games that are already out and also some pre-released games that let users try out before the full release later on..

I get to try out my first EA game in GCA08 which is "Dead Space"; a very sadistic-killing sci-fi game where decapitating an enemy is a MUST to prevent them from backstabbing you..
Next up is "Mirror's Edge".. Well, nothing much to say except that you do jump over/under obstacles and avoid getting shot by police through the art of Parkour..
The game was a demo so need to play the full version to see the full review..

Then there are EA Sports games which I just looked at.. I can say that graphic has improved over the years for such sport games.. Moving on.. :P
"Crysis Warhead", a sequel to "Crysis" is another interesting game to play.. I had a blast killing enemies using my character's abilities.. I can even hold a jeep and throw at a horde of machingunners.. xD
Then we have the "Need For Speed: Undercover".. Looks quite similar to "NFS:Carbon" but at least graphics has improved.. Sadly, this demo only have 4 missions to play.. After that it is just free-drive around the city, thats all.. o.O
Another game I expect to be good..

Now, this is a game I was waiting to get my hands on for GCA08.. It is very fortunate that EA decides to put 2 booths for Red Alert 3.. Even though it is in beta, there is an online-play where you can pit yourself with other people online..
The best part about this demo is that all units and buildings are at your disposal, no cuts, no negative stuffs.. I played against my bro, Infestor51 in this game and I emerged victorious.. \m/
The graphic and detail is awesome.. The water effects is amazing, looking at the waves afecting the position of the ships, even if they are stationary..
After satisfying myself with all those EA games, I made a move to check out the other booths that are available during the convention..

First up was a long stretch booth of so many online games set up by Cherry Credit, a company which allows you to purchase game cards to buy cash items for the games they service.. ^^
I heard that the number of games 10-fold from 5 games last year to 50 games this year... Thats freaking alot.. xD

This is supposed to be a tournament area for pro-gamers to battle it out to emerge as champion.. Unfortunately, I was not in the area or was busy playing game to notice when the tournament started..
From here on, I shall let you see the res of the good pictures I took during the convention.. Enjoy!! ^^
Me and Infestor51's friend, TX playing the latest game on X-Box360 and PS3; "Star Wars: Force Unleashed".. It came out just on the first day of the convention itself..
The best Star Wars game I've played ever.. The game is pretty imba but still fun.. ^^

Some Singapore Polytechnic students trying out "RockBand" game.. Looks kinda interesting when they play the whole thing well..
Well, an event like this always come with a few shots with the models there.. Well, here is one of the pictures I took of the models.... xD
Well, thats all I have for the first day of Games Convention Asia.. If anything new happens later on I will report it in.. Thanks for dropping by my blog..

The GCA08 is an fun and exciting event to attend so please do if you are free.. Till, then, I am going to get some shut-eyes now.. Im very sleepy after a whole day at the event..


  1. bj0rN3:06 AM

    it was a rather shitty event if u ask me. and if i'm not wrong,they are the same organisers that will do AFA08. i hope things get better.

  2. @ Bj0rN: Yeah, I felt that this year felt less interesting than last year.. Maybe they should have asked more big companies like Microsoft to come...

    Other than that, at least EA did well again for GCA08..

  3. looks quite boring -.- haha

    doesnt look crowded at all.. you went early? any freebies? LOL! wait, other then the free trial discs.. -.- any other goodies?

  4. Less interesting is less interesting. Lol that shot of the girl's back, you were deliberately taking a shot of her instead of the games right? :p

    RA3 - where you raep asses.

  5. EA's everywhere. Now to make my iSlug.

  6. EA is everywhere!! But hey, have you tried Mirror Edge's already? I heard that game is awesome.

    BTW, it's looks quiet there or you just went there too early?

  7. @Anonymous Coward, Panther & Kozta-Boom: Well, I took the shots during the opening time of the convention so thats the main reason for so little people during the convention..

    I expect alot more people coming for GCA08 today since its the weekend.. ^^

    @ C.I.: NOO!! You should make a Citsu.. xD

  8. RA3! I hope to be able to play that soon.

    Mirror's Edge sounds good.

  9. @ Mizunaga: Yes, you can play that game with us once it is out.. We are trying to play multiplayer through Hamachi.. Hope you get to join us..

    Well, even though it is still in demo form, the game does have alot of potential.. Do look out for it when its out.. ^^


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