06 September 2008

UNIQLOCK, The Madness of Time

Recently, my bro; Infestor51 got a new screensaver on his laptop from his friend and he decided to show what it was.. Thinking that it was just some plain old screensaver that anyone can make, I wanted to take a quick glance and then go back to my own work..

The quick glance turned to a long stare as I watched the unique screensaver.. The screensaver is called "UNIQLOCK" or simply known to some, "UNIQue-cLOCK".. It is an viral advertisement by UNIQLO (meaning Unique Clothing), a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer...
Well, looking at the picture above, YES, it has women dancing along and doing things in sync with the music.. The first five seconds will have you looking at the time ticked by while the next 5 seconds will have you looking at the women doing stuff.. This is a repeated cycle which is IMO quite interesting..

Well, it doesn't really mean that you will see the same dance moves over and over again.. The dance moves will eventually change over a period of time.. Lets take a look at examples below:

At 12.30PM:

The women are enjoying with their dances..

At 6.59PM:

The women are still dancing happily with the music.. ^^
However at 12.25AM:

The women are fast asleep in the library.. Kawaii~~ xD

Now let us move on to the next section of this unique screensaver.. Why is this called a viral advertisement? Well, for a start, it already has 3 fashion seasons for the screensaver.. What do I mean by that? Lets take a look shall we?? ^^

They released their first UNIQLOCK (Season 1) on 15th July 2007 showing the women wearing Dry Polo Shirts..
The next UNIQLOCK (Season 2) was released on 1st October 2007, this time with the women wearing Cashmere Knit..
And currently, the UNIQLOCK we see this time is the 3rd Season which have them wearing 20 Colour T-Shirts..
If you think you deserve getting this screensaver, then say no more.. Visit http://www.uniqlo.jp/uniqlock/ and download the screensaver..

It comes in two screensavers, the "UNIQLOCK" and "Dry In Motion".. I wouldn't touch on "Dry In Motion" since Im speechless after looking at it..
If you think getting the screensaver isn't enough, try putting it in your blog.. Yes, you heard me.. You can generate their UNIQLOCK for your very own blog.. It is very simple and you will love it.. ^^
Other than just doing both, you can also take a look around the site for some very amazing and unique features that they provide.. The first would be the 20 Colours T-Shirts that they are selling..

They show the women wearing them and doing different poses for each picture.. As a tick goes by, the picture will change.. I like the woman wearing the white T-shirt.. She looks pretty.. :P
The next one I would like to show is the WORLD.UNIQLOCK.. This features a world map which provides the details of towns and cities across the globe, about how many Users are using UNIQLOCK and the number of views for the website itself..
A very amazing feat they have done.. I applaud them for doing such great work..

Oh yeah, before I forget.. Sometimes when the video,screensaver or the time-on-blog is playing, you might see these critters jumping around the area the video is showing.. Try to count how many you did see for just 10mins only; there would be plenty of them jumping around..
Well, thats it everybody.. I hope you will get to enjoy using this screensaver for your computer/laptop.. Please visit their website to check out the pretty ladies see the wonderful UNIQLOCK.. ^^


  1. lol. That's a rather interesting screensaver. It's not something I'd use though...

  2. @ Mizunaga: Yeah, but since there are Japanese ladies in it, I might possibly keep this screensaver for awhile.. xD

  3. wow! this is really cool! i'm downloading it now ;)

  4. @ Samanosuke: Hope you enjoy it.. ^^


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