14 September 2008

Figma Hatsune Miku GETTO

Yeah, I finally got my hands on Figma Hatsune Miku after it just arrived a few days ago.. It was shipped to Panther since he pre-ordered for me through Hobby Search (Thanks a million)..

Well, as I reached home, I wanted to take out the paper wrapping when someone poked my back.. It was Hachune Miku who must have seen me bringing Figma Miku into my room..
Without a moment to lose, Hachune quickly opened the paper wrapping which comes with the box during the shipment.. And happily she did, revealing the contents of the box..
Hachune Miku was so happy to see Figma Miku that she keeps hugging the box.. o.O

I am also happy to see Figma Miku since she was one of the hardest figurines to pre-order.. She was also the fastest to be released after the pre-order date..
Well, I would be doing a figure review of Figma Miku when I am free.. I still have the Team Blue banner to finish.. Due date is on the 23rd September and this is the first time I ever made a banner all by myself.. x.X
Front View..

Right-Side View..

Back View..

Another thing is that I still have Figma Tohsaka Rin to review and the post about the upcoming event happening in Singapore; the Games Convention Asia (GCA) 08.. More on that coming soon..

For now, I have to let Hachune Miku take a good rest from all those excitement.. ^^


  1. congrats on getting her! now are u going to think up some crazy funny stories like danny? ^^;

  2. @ Gordon: Yeah, having those figmas and gunplas I currently have, I would love to make one crazy funny story.. ^^

    I hope I can do it.. X.x

  3. looking good there! somehow I can feel your excitment.. LOL i think.. :X

  4. KYPMbangi2:49 AM

    NO!!! why do the postman at my country take a freakin 2-day holiday!?!?! So I'll have to wait it arrived on monday. Damn

  5. Another one of my blogrollers gets it before me. I really hope one of my 2 comes tomorrow!!!

  6. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Congrats on getting your Miku, now you just have to wait for your brother's Kagamine Twins and you'll have all the Vocaloids!

  7. Best figma so far, CONGRATS! Hey, I have just got mine too (luckily got her from HS waiting list actually, missed the initial 24-hour preorder) but I suck at posing figmas so I shall be checking back for some creative Miku poses if you are reviewing her later :) Miku saikou!

  8. @ Anonymous Coward: Thanks.. I will do my best to post a good review of Figma Miku..

    @ KYPMbangi & ClearTranquil: Yeah, don't fret.. Figma Miku will be in your hands pretty soon.. Then you can have fun doing poses with her.. ^^

    @ Feidamu: I SHALL AWAIT THE ARRIVAL OF THE KAGAMINE TWINS.. They are my bor's <3.. xD

    @ Divine Fang: Congrats on getting yours.. It was troublesome to get her in the first place.. It was thanks to Panther for getting her for me..

    I think I shall do a review of her after the Games Convention Asia 08 in Singapore.. ^^

  9. Still not sure whether I want to get it, and it costs like 4000 Yen to get it in Hong Kong. Again poor distribution for Hong Konger just like figma Fate, but others such as the Lucky Star ones and Tosaka Rin are selling at normal or cheaper prices. It's really strange.

  10. @ Q: Wow.. That really is poor distribution.. So do you order figurines via online such as Hobby Search or through shops??

  11. I normally buy them in shops, which is definitely the case for gunpla as they are about the same price or cheaper to Japan. I don't buy much figures (and strange distributions), but most are via trips to Japan. Guess I really should go for Hobby Search but I don't stay around in one place very often.

  12. lol. Hachune looks cute trying to hug the box XD
    Anyway, rather late, but congrats on getting your beloved Miku!

  13. Wow, too good to be true!! Lol..
    Miku really looks great as a Figma figure.
    I love Mikuuuuu~~~~~!!!!!

  14. i bought the Figma figures from plaza singapura and cinelesisure ... i didnt have to ship lols...

    Miku FTW~

  15. yup i saw Figma @ plaza sg too....gotta save money and buy them...


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