03 September 2008

Vocaloid Weekly 48 - Miku Miku Douga

Looking at last week entries, it seems that Hatsune Miku's birthday was celebrated across the globe with news of the figma Miku and then the PSP game she is going to be in.. Now other than just those news, there are also Hatsune Miku music videos which are released at Nico Nico Douga just a few days before (28/8 ~ 31/8) to commemorate this wonderful occasion such as 【初音ミク】8月の花嫁【オリジナル曲】 and 【初音ミク】8月の花嫁【オリジナル曲】..

Some of these songs were very famous that they got featured in this week Vocaloid Weekly's rankings.. And the great news is that some of those songs are ranked within TOP 5, even having one of them earning the TOP Spot.. x.X
So without further ado, lets take a look at the Vocaloid Weekly #48 charts:

Part A:

Part B:

Now moving on to some of the songs in this week Vocaloid Weekly Chart:

30 - 【初音ミクオリジナル】命の翼-Listen to my soul- (Ver.1.01): Don't let this song fool you if you think songs at last spot within the TOP 30 rankings aren't that good.. This music at the beginning of the Vocaloid Weekly TOP 30 spots starts off at a beautiful tune, making me want to watch the whole music video.. Having the piano and a guitar being played at the background while Miku is singing is simply amazing.. You ought to listen to this song..
28 - 【MEIKO】咲音メイコ「星のカケラ」【カバー】: The only Meiko song in the chart but nevertheless this song is wonderful to listen to.. Meiko's melodious voice might blow you away with the slow and harmonic music being played.. The person who made this music video must be congratulated for making such a wonderful song.. This song is good for those who are studying for the upcoming exams..
22 - 【初音ミク×3】「ありがとう。」【オリジナル】: One of the few songs that were made just to celebrate Hatsune Miku's birthday.. An emotionally slow song which can cheer you up if you are feeling down.. The artwork is beautifully made, with me scouring over the internet looking for some of them.. Overall, this lovely song is also a must for those Miku fans out there..
17 - 【ロリコム】本当に大事なのはひとつだけ【初音ミク・オリジナル】: A music video featured by Vocaloid Weekly #47 last week during half-time.. It has risen from rank 35 all the way to rank 17 in just one week.. Apparently it has to do with Loli Miku chasing a star... The song is quite catchy and the tune is great to listen to.. I personally like how the Loli Miku was drawn.. Very kawaii~~
06 - 【初音ミク】8月の花嫁【オリジナル曲】: My favourite Miku's birthday song this year.. The song is also known to most as "August Bride".. A very nice song with beautiful lyrics (which I still having a hard time understanding).. The wonderful music makes this one of the best Miku's birthday ever and it is well-known by the world when the song was released 2 days before the special occasion.. And I specially like when the composer added a birthday song in the credits.. Quite nice of him to do so..

As per usual, lets move to the TOP 3 songs in this week Vocaloid Weekly:

3rd Place - 【初音ミク】 ペヤングだばあ 【オリジナル曲】: Ok, I got to hear the full song and here is my verdict.. The song is... MEH.. Although Hatsune sings quite alrite in this song, I just don't like how they let her sing the chorus.. It feels like she is high on drugs or something when she is doing so.. But other than that,the music is alright..
2nd Place - 【初音ミク】みくみくにしてあげる♪【してやんよ】: Also known as the EVER FAMOUS "Miku Miku Shite Ageru", this song is one of the most earliest songs made using Hatsune Miku.. This song is making a comeback and is now has a view hit of over 5 million.. That is more than any other Hatsune Miku videos I've ever seen.. It may also surpassed most videos on Youtube in terms of hit views.. What more could I say? This song rox!! ^^
1st Place - VOCALOIDでニコニコ動画流星群【完成版】/Nico Nico Vocaloid Suite: I find this new song the best Vocaloid MAD music video.. It is actually taken from an original MAD music videos sung by many people.. This catchy yet nice song will tempt you to sing along with the song.. This song can also be said to be one of the songs made to celebrate Miku's birthday as I stated earlier.. This is a MAD song deserved to have taken 1st Place.. ^^

This week Vocaloid Weekly is filled with many new songs, not just Hatsune Miku but also from Meiko and Kaito.. I still wonder where are the songs by the Kagamine Twins in the TOP 30 ranks.. Some songs are very nice to listen to while others are given a skip by me.. But hey, don't let this stop you from listening them no? You might take a liking to them, who knows? xD
But seriously, I find VOCALOIDでニコニコ動画流星群【完成版】/Nico Nico Vocaloid Suite one of the best song yet.. I like how the composer remix some songs and added the voices of the original Vocaloid team into each songs perfectly.. I like how he end the songs with "Let's Go! Onmyouji" from Shin Gouketuji Ichizoku mashed up with other songs.. Simply amazing...
Now, its time for this week Top Winner & 1 best song of the week:

30 - 【初音ミクオリジナル】命の翼-Listen to my soul- (Ver.1.01)

And here is this week 1st Place Winner:

1st Place - VOCALOIDでニコニコ動画流星群【完成版】

Wait there is more.. If you want to know what songs they are singing, here is the EPIC full list:
00 - Nico Nico jingle
01 - Star Rise
02 - Ne-ni-ge de Risetto - Lucky Star
03 - Hana Maru Sensation - Kodomo no Jikan ED
04 - Caramelldansen
05 - Kirby
06 - Nowhere
07 - Cheetahmen
08 - levan Polkka
09 - Bararaika
10 - Danjo
11 - Montagues and Capulets - Romeo & Juliet
12 - I'm Lovin' It
13 - The Lost Wolf Suite
14 - Kuria made ha nemuranai
15 - Asu eno Houkou - Muv-Luv Alternative
16 - Can't Beat Airman
17 - Melt - Hatsune Miku
18 - Dango Daikazoku - Clannad
19 - Windscene - Chrono Trigger
20 - Yuki, Muon, Madobe Nite - Chihara Minori
21 - You - Higurashi no Naku koro ni
22 - Marisa Stole the Precious Thing - IOSYS
23 - U.N. Owen Was Her? - Touhou
24 - Oyome ni Shinasai - IOSYS
25 - Okkusenman Wily's stage1 - MEGAMAN 2
27 - Hare Hare Yukai -The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
28 - God Knows - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
29 - JOINT
30 - Kaidoku Funou - Code Geass
31 - The happy escapism song - Saka-ROW
32 - Perfect star, Perfect Style - IdolM@ster
33 - Kanbu de Tomatte sugu Tokeru - IOSYS
34 - Help me, ERINNNNN!! - IOSYS
35 - History of the Moon - Touhou
36 - Little Busters
37 - 1000% Sparking!
38 - Makka na Chikai - Busou Renkin
39 - Yuuki VS Iji - The Prince of Tennis Musical
40 - Agent Goes at Midnight - IdolM@aster
41 - Native Faith - Touhou Project
42 - True to my Heart
43 - Kero 9 destiny
44 - Yatta!
45 - Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru - Hatsune Miku
46 - Let's Go! Onmyouji - Shin Gouketuji Ichizoku

For more info, you can visit the NicoVideo site..

This just sums up this EPIC week of the Vocaloid Weekly charts.. I am satisfies with most of the songs that are featured in the TOP 30.. As for now, I shall go and listen to VOCALOIDでニコニコ動画流星群【完成版】 and see if I can remember the titles of the songs..

And before I forget, I just received my figma Rin from F/S Night from HS through Jon.. I will do a double review together with figma Fate which I didn't do due to school exam.. So do wait for it.. xD


  1. As usual, thanks so much, I'm happy to have 8 new songs on my VOCALOID playlist now.

  2. @ ClearTranquil: No problem.. You should add 【初音ミクオリジナル】命の翼-Listen to my soul- (Ver.1.01) into your playlist.. It has a nice Bass when you listen with your earpiece.. ^^

  3. I listened to so many versions of that Nico Nico Douga song in the past couple of days. The Vocaloid version is so awesome. The nayuta version's nice too. So is the yonji version... I could go on forever.. xD

    What's the name of that other Nico Nico Douga song (the 10 minute long one)?

  4. @ Orange: Yeah, the song list is quite long lol.. It took a guy a few weeks to translate the titles of each song..

    Hmm, I am not sure what is the other Nico Nico Douga song is.. Sorry.. ^^

  5. has a nice Bass when you listen with your earpiece..

    OKAY. I am so adding that song to my favorites.

  6. @ Mizunaga: Thanks.. Glad you enjoyed it.. ^^

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