18 September 2008

StormRise: A 4-in-1 Games All Rolled Into 1

Browsing through the Gametrailers site, I chanced upon this RTS game which interest me.. The game, named StormRise, is a RTS game being developed by Creative Assembly and Sega..
Well, you can say that it is a 4-in-1 type of game, having characters that are maybe inspired from older games such as "Dawn of War", "Doom 3"/"Gears of War", "Mechwarriors" and "Predator"..

Why did I say all of those games? The reasons are stated below so do read on..

StormRise picks up the popular post-apocalyptic theme, presenting a civilization that has begun to once again emerge after a catastrophic event... You have the ability to control units in the air, on the surface, and even underground...

So why did I say that StormRise takes its idea from 4 different games? Well for a start lets look at "Dawn of War".. Apparently, one of your main objectives is to take over a node which is energy source in the game..
Once captured, you can place a building on it to collect the energy as resources.. The building can even transform into a defence turret to defend against enemy raids.. Does this feels like "Dawn of War" to you?? ^^
Then there are some units belonging to a faction that has features which resembles those from other games.. 1st example is the cloaking assassins which can sneak behind enemy lines and slaughter any infantries who are busy defending a node or base..
The unit looks almost similar to the Predator.. But I find it cool since its been a long time since I saw a cloaked assassin-based unit in Starcraft..

Then there is the giant monster which can become a huge front-liner + tanker.. It resembles monsters from Doom 3/Gears of War whatever your pick..
I like how it becomes the target for enemy fire when its sheer size can take a lot of damage, judging from the video itself.. Well, we have to see more videos of this game to know more about this unit..
Then lastly, we have the Mechwarriors.. Woah.. Giant-killa beast vs. Mechwarriors; Mechwarriors win..

Their design looks sleek and outright futuristic.. It reminds me of Battlefield 2142 though.. xD
Well, I can expect this mech to have a weapon switch ability so that it can switch attack between anti-infantry to maybe anti-air/anti-tank.. Well, the game is still in development stage so there might be alot of changes going on with the units etc..
StormRise is slated to be released in 2009.. It will be released not only as a console RTS game for X-Box360 and PS3, it will also be released on PC too.. Awesome..

I'm gonna end this entry with the game trailer of StormRise.. Hope you enjoy it.. ^^



  1. Anonymous10:32 AM

    That... looks... awesome...

  2. Definitely interesting, the mechs look like they were ripped off existing designs in Battletech though I wonder if anyone remembers that model lol. IIRC it was a small 30-ton mech but I cannot remember the name.

    Definitely pick this up, since Sega actually makes pretty ok games, and the soundtrack sounds very much like a remix of the mechwarrior ones so I am wondering if the same people worked on this OST.

  3. MECH WARRIOR YEAH! DEFINITELY picking up this game.

    I think I know which mech you're talking about, though I cannot remember the name of it.


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