24 September 2008

Max Factory Figma Tohsaka Rin

Having some free time, I have finally decided to post a review of the Max Factory Figma Tohsaka Rin I've been wanting to post for quite a long while.. Well, it has been a couple of weeks since I received her from Hobby Search via Wcloudx..

So who is Tohsaka Rin? Well, she is one of the heroines in Fate/Stay Night series.. She is a friend of Emiya Shiro, master of the ever-famous Saber..
For a start, Figma Tohsaka Rin or I would like to call her Figma Rin; came with a serious expression like she is pissed about you and wants to kill you if you make her really angry... xD
I want you... Come here..

Instead of using my N82 cameraphone, I tried using the Olympus FE-270 camera in Macro mode to take pictures of Figma Rin..

The picture came out clearer than I've expected since I thought the camera sucks at taking normal pictures due to it's lousy anti-shake application..
Close-Up of Figma Rin..

Anyway, Figma Tohsaka Rin cost me about 3400 yen which is equivalent to SGD$45... That is inclusive of shipping fees.. She arrived 3-4 days after her release in August 29th I think..
Side-View of Figma Rin..

Figma Rin didn't have any problems/defects when I got her and when I did the figure review.. Hope this applies to other figmas and figures as well.. ^^
So Figma Rin took out one of her 2 daggers that comes together with the box itself..
However, Figma Rin wasn't feeling happy and decided to what I thought was a "/wrist".. I tried to stop her but I was too late.. o.O
Fortunately, what I didn't expect is that Tohsaka wanted to show me her Rune-Hand to me but couldn't pull up her sleeves.. So she was forced to cut part of the sleeves on her left hand to show the Rune-Hand..
A close-up of Figma Rin with the Rune-Hand... xD
After showing me her Rune-Hand, Rin decides to show me her 2 daggers that she owns..
Finally some GARness.. Rin showing off her 2 daggers.. ^^
Then Rin decided to show me one last trick she can do.. She took out some magic jewels from her pockets which she used in the Holy Grail Wars last time..
While she is busy holding on to her magic jewels, I took a low angler.. xD
And another lower angler.. I wonder why figmas always come with white pantsu??
Unfortunately, Rin caught me red-handed... I tried my best to plead for forgiveness (how shameless of me).. However, what I got instead was..

Getting GEASS-ed by Rin herself.. x.X
You will now OBEY ME!!

Man, I seriously need to prevent myself from getting caught so easily.. Rin was already creepy to work with in the beginning.. xD

Well, that concludes my figure review of Figma Tohsaka Rin.. Hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.. I still have along way in taking some better pictures for future figure reviews.. ^^

Company: Max Factory
Price: SGD$45 (including shipping)
Purchase from: Hobby Search
Camera used: Olympus FE-270

If I have extra free time this week I will take some shots of Figma Hatsune Miku for a figure review too.. Well, only time can tell.. Till then, have fun.. ^^


  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    You could have gotten it for $39 locally... Anyways, good shots, but where're the tsudere captions?

  2. Cool photo review!!
    Im a Saber's fan but also a Rin's fan. (both are great!!)

  3. white.. so its white too :P

  4. @ Feidamu: Really? Well, I did get it via Hobby Search since delivery is fast..

    Ouh, I wanted to do some tsundere captions but Figma Rin's Geass power still hold me back.. =3

    @ Phossil: Thanks.. ^^

    @ Anonymous: I wanted stripu or at least some colored ones.. xD

  5. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Man...after shipping figmas get mighty expensive.

  6. @ Lovelyduckie: Yeah, usually figurines are within our budget.. But after adding in the shipping fees (Usually cost a bomb), you do feel the pinch.. X3


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