23 September 2008

September Figure Shoot Plans

It has been 3 months since Team Blue went on a group figure photoshoot.. The last group figure shoot was organised at Toa Payoh Town Park located near the HDB Hub at Toa Payoh Central.. The theme back then was "Nature" which fits the nature of the park (Duh)..

During the last group figure, I brought along my Nendo Hatsune Miku which I recently get back then thanks to Hirito..
Nendo Miku looking Kawaii~ in the previous figure shoot..

Well, it was my first time to have attended a group figure shoot and I gained some experience in how to take a nice picture, etc..

This time however, will be about "Beach".. Yes, that's right, Beach.. Panther has decide that for this month we should do a Team Blue group figure shoot.. The problem is however is location, location, location..

So I've come up with a voting plan on which beach is suitable for this weekend.. Oh yes, the groups figure shoot will be held this weekend, though we are not sure whether to hold it on Saturday or Sunday..

Anyway, let us start with 4 locations I come up.. The 4 places are:

Sembawang Beach
For info, click here..

East Coast Park
For info, click here..

Sentosa (With the clear water)
For info, click here..

And finally Pulau Ubin..
For info, click here..

So to all Team Blue members, please comment for which of these 4 locations is suitable for us to do the September Team Blue Photoshoot.. However, if you do have any other locations that you think is better, do type it down in the comments..

There is also the issue about which day is the photoshoot going to be held.. Do say whether it is good to hold it on Saturday (27th Sept) or Sunday (28th Sept).. Greatly appreciate it.. ^^

Well, that sums up for this post.. I have tallied some of the votes and here are the current result.. ^^

Confirmed (Day):
Saturday = All

Current Votes (Location):
Sembawang = 3
Sentosa = 1
Pulau Ubin = 1

Note: This only applies to people living in Singapore.. Fortunately, non-Team Blue members can also give their opinion on this event.. And if any non-Team Blue wants to join in this photoshoot, you can contact Panther via his site.. ^^


  1. chibihien9:52 PM

    Sentosa on Sat for me..

    Sunday is for watching F1 at home

  2. I thought I already said, Saturday is the shoot, and only Sunday IF it rains on Saturday. Location however, yes. We need to agree on that.

    I vote for Sembawang, but since I hardly go to any of those places I really have no idea.

  3. Sat is best 4 me. As 4 location I would like sembawang beach but the other places work too

  4. Sentosa picture looks very cool!!

  5. @ Everyone: Ok, I have tally the current votes and will update this post shortly..

    @ Phossil: So do you choose Sentosa as an ideal place to do a Team Blue figure shoot?

  6. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Sentosa's gonna quite expensive to get into, wouldn't it.

  7. wongtcsg11:34 AM

    sentosa and pulau ubin are out.
    Both of these places need paid $ to enter.
    The $ save can be used to purchase more figurine.
    So either east coast or sembawang.
    East coast for open space.
    Sembawang cos near where i stay.

  8. @ Feidamu: Well, Sentosa is kinda expensive to enter, even via Sentosa Express.. Well, This means Sentosa is out of the picture right?

    @ Wongtcsg: So its Sembawang I presume since its near your area? ^^


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