04 August 2008

Hatsune-ism 3

It has once again come to this point where I shall showcase everything related to Hatsune Miku.. It has been a few months since my previous Hatsune-ism entries were made (Refer to Hatsune-ism 1 & 2) and as more entries pop-up with some references to Hatsune Miku..

Now let us move on to our first part, figures.. Although I talk about this in the first part, I would like to update on more Hatsune Miku figures..


Well, Danny posted a picture of a Hatsune Miku in resin.. Even though her face is slightly inaccurate than what Hatsune Miku supposed to look like, I still find this figure interesting and she looks quite pretty..

However, this was taken during the Wonder Festival so I do not know how does one get her if they live outside Japan.. Well, I am just getting my hopes high after I saw the pics of figma Hatsune Miku.. Will wait for the announcement.. ^^

Next up will be..


Well, games have been around us for quite some time now but what happens if you add in Hatsune Miku into some of the games.. Well, some game companies, even well-known ones are joining forces with Vocaloid to have Hatsune Miku in their respective games..

There are a couple of games that I would like to show you that have some reference of Hatsune Miku.. Here we go:

13 Sai No Hello Work DS

In this game, your job is to help people get back into their career.. Simple enough..

Well for Hatsune Miku, the music part of the game features three major parts: playing the guitar, composing a song on the computer and synthesizer and actually singing a song. During those stages the player will have to follow the musical waves on the touchscreen with their stylus. After each stage Miku will judge how well you did...

In the end all parts will be combined and you will perform together with Miku... That sounds awesome doesn't it.. ^^

I did have some trouble playing the game but with some understanding, I managed to complete the game.. Here is the video preview of the game with Miku:

Soul Calibur

It appears that the recently released Soul Calibur IV has a character creation and clothing engine, and not just in terms of the underwear visible when you tear off your opponent's clothing...

Because of the Character creation feature, alot of people have started making their own characters of choice like Vega or Kenshin.. But what I found out is that there is a Hatsune Miku character, thanks to SankakuComplex..

Well, she does look beautiful in the game.. I must congratulate the guy who made her, seriously.. Anyway, I wish I could find the video of her in action in NicoVideo but not yet at the moment.. Pity..


A widely popular game that have people rushing in just to play the characters and see their cute dance moves when you get to win the round.. Well, not entirely everyone lol..

Anyway, apparently they made an agreement with Vocaloid to have a Miku in the game.. So after a few weeks of anticipation back then, they finally found out that you can wear the Hatsune Miku outfit and you can happily play the game, being HATSUNE MIKU..

I wish I get to play the Japanese version of Pangya but nehh, wasn't very interested in playing online games nowadays.. Very little time to spare.. :(

Anyway, here is the video:

Virtua Fighter

Qouted from Japanator:

I got a huge surprise when I went to check the VF5R official website today, though. Sega frequently releases new items and outfits for players in arcades to win, buy, and deck out their characters with, but the recent item release is wholly unexpected: none other than the aqua-haired virtual idol extraordinaire herself, Hatsune Miku..

The dolls don't give your fighters any strength enhancements or additional special moves, though. They might, however, be a distraction for an unwary opponent.

That split-second your competition spends admiring your adorable Miku might give you the frame advantage you need to throw counter for victory! They also sing for you in-between rounds after you win, which could be either the cutest thing ever or annoying as hell depending on how it works.
Well, his explanation is better than mine anyways.. XD

Now let us move on to our next section..

Visual Novels:

Well, some visual novels do have stories that the girl that you like have an interest with cosplaying and when you least expect it, they cosplay as one of the characters from well-known animes etc..

As for RenAi Blogger, there is a particular girl, Natsuko that cosplayed as Hatsune Miku..

Well, the hair colour is yellow (I thought she was more suited as Akita Neru) so I thought she would buy a wig for it but didnt... Well, at least the game is awesome.. ^^

Here is the next part..


Well, its not really that Hatsune Miku having her own anime, yet.. However, the famous anime, Lucky Star has recently showcased the group in their cosplay outfits for the upcoming OVA of the show.. I like Kagami cosplaying as Miku, she looks almost like Miku herself..

Well, judging by the other pics, I think that the OVA will most probably be about Konata asking the group to play a MMORPG game, together in their respective cosplay outfit.. We get to see more of them pretty soon enough..

Last but not least we have..


Well, this isn't really the OP but at least the video is somewhat nice.. The song is titled "Soar".. A pretty nice and catchy music which really sounds like its an OP of an anime..

Here is the video:

Well, that is all I have for this part of Hatsune-ism.. I hope you all get to enjoy this entry and I hope to showcase more news about Hatsune Miku in the future.. Till then, Sayonara!! ^^


  1. Too much Miku. :p

  2. Awesome ^^ Thanks for sharing some of these. I had no idea Miku was this embedded into pop culture.

  3. @panther as he said was right. Too much about Miku ^^

  4. There was a Vocaloid event in Bright Shadow (Japanese MMORPG) a couple of months back, but I didn't take part in it because I was only level 10 back then... Would have wanted the Miku armor, though...

  5. @ panther & kozta-boom: Haha, I am after all one of her No. 1 fan.. No doubt about it.. :P

    @ cleartranquil: No problem.. I love to share information with everyone, even if they are not Hatsune Miku related.. ^^

    @ フェイダムさん: Wow.. Thats awesome.. I wonder how does one looks like in Miku armor though.. Very interesting.. Thanks.. ^^

  6. NOOO!!!!! My $$$!!!! I'm gonna get SCIV just for its powerful Character Customization!

  7. @ divine fang: Look at the bright side.. Maybe you can create a character that you love most? If I have a PS3 and SC4, I will surely create Miku.. ^^

  8. WOW. Hatsune-ism just keeps growing ^^;

    Kagami as Miku, yay!

  9. @ mizunaga: Yup, and I will create more Hatsune-ism entries if there are alot more good pics, info and screenshots of anything Hatsune Miku-related..^^


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