08 August 2008

Miku or the Olympic Games?

Well, it has been like.. 4 years since the last Olympic Game in Athens.. Thinking back now, I realised that alot of things had happened within these 4 years.. Well, today; 8/8/08 marks the new Olympic Games held at the Beijing's National Stadium a.k.a. The Bird Nest..

Well, I do not like to leave Miku out of this since she hates being alone.. SO I have to bring her along to watch the LIVE Telecast of the Opening of the Beijing Olympics on the TV in my room..

Well, she didn't gave a choice for best seats to catch the telecast but at least she can watch it within her eye level.. At least she enjoys the view from there.. ^^

Well, the show started exactly at 8.08pm just now, just in time for me to watch after doing my school project.. Expecting it to be an exciting opening day like the Athens game, I watched closely as the performers performed their acts..

What I didn't expect is the greatness of their acts that their movements synchronize perfectly except a few.. I like the scene with the GIANT globe that has acrobats in the bottom part of the globerunning around it while being suspended with a cable each..

But what is best about this year Olympic games is TEH FIREWORKS!! Seriously, China surprises me with the amount of fireworks they shoot into the sky.. Even though it looks like they are spamming fireworks, I find them quite awesome..

Some of the fireworks's scene are great, especially te part when the fireworks light up on the roof of the National Stadium, and in sync too..

I am quite speechless in talking about their fireworks performance.. Well, China is the inventor of gunpowder/fireworks.. No doubt about it, so I expected the many fireworks display than any previous games I've seen before..

It seems that the Opening ceremony is magnificent.. I'm looking forward to the Closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympic games.. Well, I have to rest now so that I have enough energy to take some pics of the World Cyber Games held in Singapore..

So tell me, do you like the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games??


  1. Really f-cking grand. So they started at 8:08 lol, then I missed out only a little, started around that time or later. Man the whole thing, especially the cultural parts, was grand.

    As for the fireworks, gunpowder was one of their four great inventions, hence the necessity for so many. Besides China feels it is not getting enough rep in the world probably. But wow. They let off more fireworks in one ceremony than we did in all of our history since independence.

    Also ROFLMAO @ commentator when he introduced Bush.

  2. Seems like a great event. Pity I don't watch sporting events. One question though, how does Miku see from that angle?

  3. Aah... I miss SG's Ch.5, still the same logo (I stayed in JB 6 years ago fyi) :)

    Back to topic, I MISSED THE PARTY!!! ARGH!!! *checking local replay screentime* From the screenshots I could tell that I'm gonna love all those explosives. Thanks!

  4. ^^ Thanks for commenting on my blog. And thanks for posting these pics.

    I'll add you to my blogroll, want to do the same?

  5. @ フェイダムさん: I pushed the TV to its left so that Miku can have a better view of the TV screen.. ^^

    @ cleartranquil: Sure, I have added you to my blogroll too.. Thanks for visiting my blog.. ^^


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