11 August 2008

Ryogi Shiki Garannodou Open for Reservation

Well, it is finally here.. The figure of Ryogi Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai is finally opened for pre-order.. The figure looks so real, especially her Kimono..

Katana + Yukata = Best combo yet..

The figure was last seen at the recent Summer WonderFest held 2 weeks ago.. I wondered when the reservation will begin as my friend wanted to obtain her pretty badly.. With this news, he will be very happy.. ^^
Left-side View

Right-side View

Back View

This 1/7 scale figure will be available this coming November 2008 by Good Smile Company for 6,100 Yen retail price... This is about an estimate of SGD$80.. Hobby Search is taking reservations of her as of today...
Close-up of Shiki..

Well, I find this quite interesting.. However, due to me not having enough funds already, I am giving any nice figures a skip.. I shall start again once I have found a part-time job after exam to pay for the upcoming figure release..

Anyway, I was thinking whether there would be a new figure of her in her normal outfit? I know there were some figures of her back then but its better to have more right? xD

I was also thinking of her optical eyes having the "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception" a.k.a. the rainbow colour in her pupils..
She has her own Geass eyes.. ^^


  1. The figure looks nice indeed, but I do not watch the series so I am not going to bother.

  2. yeah same here..great figure. i wonder how much that cost eh.

  3. Yeah! figure is looks so nice and her kimono is so realistic. Guess the price would be high like tons of paperwork.

  4. love the decal. it's really nice!

  5. @ panther: Its alrite.. You can start watching it when you feel like.. It is a nice series.. ^^

    @ tirana tirani: It is about 6100yen.. Would be higher due to shipping cost if you are living outside of Japan..

    @ kozta-boom: Yeah, this is my first time seeing a figure that has a realistic outfit.. I give GSC +1 internets for doing such great figures.. ^^

    @ george: Agreed.. They are lovely.. ^^

  6. should be a hit. i've seen a lots blog writing about it. the info came in last night. even my company decided to sell it.

  7. She looks good. Her kimono looks so detailed.

    I think I want one already :P

    But like Panther, I have yet to watch the series. Am currently *cough* downloading.

  8. @ george: That is good news for people who wants to buy her. Unfortunately, I couldn't any more figures due to money constraints.. :(

    Next time perhaps..

    @ mizunaga: Roger.. It is a good show to watch.. You won't regret it.. ^^


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