18 August 2008

Dead Fantasy 3 Rikku SneakPeek

She looks smexy in that outfit..

Monty Oum has amaze us once more.. Well, not the whole world but hey if his movies are made into movies, who knows.. Anyway, back at the story.. It seems that earlier this month, Monty has released 2 artworks of Rikku from Final Fantasy X for the upcoming Dead Fantasy 3.. ^^

Well, to those who don't know about Dead Fantasy, I have a very early entry about it way way back.. You can click here to see it..
DF series is a good action-packed show.. MUST WATCH!!

Well, the 2 artworks of Rikku is actually a so-called prototype of his final artwork for DF3.. Monty call her the "Lolita Rikku".. Well, I was stunned to hear that in the first place since I never expect Rikku to become a loli lolita..

Do not be confused between loli and lolitas..

Definition of Lolita:

A fashion subculture in Japan that is primarily influenced by Victorian children’s clothing as well as costumes from the Rococo period.

The lolita fashion on Rikku is stunning.. Seriously, I can't imagine how Monty can come up with such great designs..
Seriously.. She looks MOE~~

Well, I hope to see the final design of Rikku, maybe at the end of this year.. Monty have yet to see Ayane in her new outfit.. xD

DF3 will most probably be out by next year according to Monty's DeviantART webpage.. Well, I shall report any news about DF3 if any pops-up in the future.. ^^


  1. WTF Rikku a lolita?

    And Ayane is hawt and sexy. Ok next year DF3, here we come! Rikku vs. Ayane.

  2. As much as I like lolita, I think Rikku + lolita = no.

    Anyway, I can't wait for DF3~ The first two have been AMAZING.

  3. @ panther: Yes she is.. But that isn't Monty's final art for Rikku.. Maybe there will be more changes on her for DF3.. ^^

    @ mizunaga: I agree.. I don't see how a thief character can have the lolita look..

    But hey, fashion experimentation is the only way to see the result..

  4. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Rikku in that outfit reminds me of Lili from Tekken...

    It could work, but her hair is a completely different style to her clothes, so it looks weird.
    I can't wait for DF3! I wanna see Hitomi and Tifa fight after these Rikku and Ayane

  5. @ Anonymous: Yeah, quite true about Rikku's hairstyle with her clothes..

    Ok then, we shall wait together for DF3! ^^

  6. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I dont know... but as a true artist I would say that the out fit does not match rikku's style, and the hair is defenetly not looking great. However we have seen on past games charaters that we realy never liked and have become famous. So I speak for every one that is a fan of rikku and final fantasy Games ....that this better be good.

  7. Pandora De Romanus8:31 PM

    i cant fricken wait to see df3 im panting with anticipation, and rikku doesnt actually look all that bad as lolita rikku, but still dig her old look. still she gotta change sumtime...im torn between the stay true and the new and improved? dare i say lol. but im hoping that lulu possibly makes an appearance coz she always been my favourite girl. thanx for the sneak peek! I CANT WAIT!!!!! BRING ON THE PAIN!!! LOL

  8. The clothing for Riku is Mahou Sensei Negima Asuna isnt it?? I'm sure its very similar :)

  9. kuroi-black9:43 PM

    rikku as a lolita?

    might not be that bad and what is that weapon shes holding?

    either way, change the hair and add a lulu style dress and then you could have Goth Loli Rikku (YAY!!)

  10. @ Kuroi-Black: Yeah, thats the prototype 3D render of Lolita Rikku for the upcoming Dead Fantasy 3..

    Hmm, the weapon must be an improvement for her.. Mabe DF3 will show us how she got that weapon..

    Well, that design is just a prototype.. Monty Oum may improve on the design in the future.. ^^

  11. Anonymous12:17 PM

    does anyone know when DF3 is coming out?

  12. Anonymous5:53 PM

    if rikku was made into lolita fashion she should have 2 side ponytails looks cuter,ayane was hot~!

  13. @ nkill4: According to his DeviantART accout, he told that the DF3 will be out by next year.. Do catch it.. ^^

    @ Anonymous: Hmm, I think so too.. Well, we will see what is th final design Maonty Oum gonna show us.. ^^

  14. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Though as much as I like changes in character outfit, if you change the design too much (and change in weapon) it's like a totally different character with the same face... it's not like they get dialogues or anything to retain their personality.

    if some costume change is necessary i recommend ripped clothes or battle-worn costumes ^^

  15. Anonymous4:10 PM

    I'll call myself Unicogirl:

    i agree with what everyone said about the Lolita outfit. perhaps Monty isn't skilled when it comes to this fashion?

    it's a very unfitting outfit for Rikku.
    if he's giving her a sword, he could have gone with Rikku's Warrior design from FFX2. it's slim fitting and she can move around and all the outfits where done in style to the character

  16. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Ayane's costume 1 from Dead or Alive 3 outshadows anything Rikku has ever weared. It's a serious ninja styled armour suite that doesn't try to be cute nor sexy, perfect for combat mode in other words.

    By the way, enough with the pervness people! They are both underaged for crying out loud!

  17. its all about " woooooww "

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