06 August 2008

OMG!! More Hatsune Miku Figures

She is just too good to not be ignored right?? :P

OMG, does my eyes deceive me again or has another company made an announcement of a Hatsune Miku figure?? Well, after reality sets in, I finally realize that there will be another figure release of Hatsune Miku in September but it is not by Good Smile Company (GSC)..

It is however announced by non other than Volks who do make one similar figure but it was in Resin version.. Due to it being resin, it cost about 14,000yen during the Winter WonFest..

Now, Volks has started an online sale exclusive on their website for the PVC version of Hatsune Miku, not the resin version..

The 1/6 PVC version will cost about 7,140 yen (tax included) which is about SGD$90.. It will be released this September..
Front view..

Please visit Akiba Hobby for more info and pictures of the Volks Hatsune Miku figure..

Well, I particularly like the glossy outfit look that this figure has.. Also is the "01" number imprinted on her left shoulder..
Back view..

I wish I can get her but due to it being exclusive on Volks website, chances of getting a source to pre-order her would be very hard.. I shall leave behind this Hatsune Miku figure with a heavy heart.. :(

Well, let just hope the announcement of the figma Miku will be enough to cheer me up.. ^^


  1. Anonymous6:25 AM

    i'm guessing they made the hair angular to simulate a 3d render of her? as an exclusive i doubt i'll be getting this version... gsc's 1/8 and nendoroid will prolly suffice for me. ('course i'm not half the miku fan you are ^^;;)

  2. It looks darn good! I would snatch her up in an instant!

    ...if I had the cash. orz

  3. I'm not complaining, but the pose is awfully similar to GCS's Miku.

  4. @ meronpan: Yeah, I think so too.. Looks the same as the original art of her.. If only this isn't an exclusive, I would have pre-ordered her.. :(

    @ mizunaga: Same here.. XD

  5. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Actually I think GSC copied off Volks. But whatever.

  6. OMG! Another Miku! Hmmm... I took a closer look at the provided AkibaHobby link and her skin colour looks... pale...

  7. your 1 big miku fan!

    i was scrutinizing your posts. your really 1 big miku fan. lololol

  8. *sigh* more miku. You surely are a huge miku fan.

    Anyway, the miku figure looks nice. Maybe I would get her. ^^

  9. @ pantherrh: I think so too.. Volks does have the Resin version but that was very expensive (14,400yen LOL)..

    I was thinking of getting 2 Miku for September but since this is exclusive... Pity..

    @ divine fang: Really?? I need to see the picture.. She needs a doctor quick!! XD

    @ anonymous coward & kozta-boom: Thank you!! Miku appreciates your love very much.. ^^


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