25 August 2008

More Figma Vocaloid Pictures

Well, this must be old news to some but to those Miku fans out there (including me), apparently there was a picture showing what is in store for the figma Vocaloid.. This includes the figma Hatsune Miku and also the figma Kagamine Twins, both Rin and Len..

I was surprised to see that figma Miku is going to have her own microphone stand.. And looking at the accessories, it seems that she will come with 2 leeks.. That is just awesome..

Anyway, other than just Miku, there is also the Kagamine Twins who got their own accessories, such as Rin getting her own microphone while Len got his own mini musical keyboard.. ^^

Well, this is just another sneakpeek to what will come out for the figma Vocaloid..



  1. We...REALLY...need a release date on these. I want to order them immediately.

  2. hmm maybe its just me, I prefer mini ones.. like nendoroid hehe

  3. I think I'll be getting Miku~ Awesome news that she comes with her own mike stand.

  4. @ Cleartranquil: Agreed.. I wonder when GSC are going to post the announcement of them..

    @ Anonymous Coward: Well, I am "Gonna Catch'em All!".. xD

    @ Mizunaga: Yeah, and dont forget the 2 leeks that Miku have so that she can do a LEEK-Strike.. ^^


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