30 August 2008

Vocaloid Weekly 47 - Between Light And Dark

Well, I must apologise for posting this entry on Vocaloid Weekly slightly late because there are so many recent news and announcements about anything Hatsune Miku.. First there is the GT Itasha, then the Miku on PSP and just yesterday the announcement that the figma Hatsune Miku is up for pre-orders (which on same day closed due to it being fully booked..)..

Back to topic at hand, in this week Vocaloid Weekly, we get to listen and see some Vocaloid songs that are cheerful and lively (LIGHT) while there are some that are emotional and sad (DARK).. So its a battle between Light and Dark, best competition personally would be between 「モノクロアクト」 オリジナル曲 vo.初音ミク(PV仕様) and 【初音ミクオリジナル曲】SETSUNA【PV付】..

As usual, let us take a look at the Vocaloid Weekly #47 charts:

Part A:

Part B:

Moving on to some of the songs in this week Vocaloid Weekly Chart:

28 - 初音ミクが自作曲 『竟』 を歌いやがった: A music worth listening.. It has a unique medieval tune, which is quite lively if you listen to it long enough.. It has that feeling that makes you want to listen it a second time.. Trust me, I thought the song was weird but as I continue to listen further on, I got hooked to it and I wanted to listen to it again..
24 - 初音ミクオリジナル曲 『Breeze』: A very nice, relaxing music, enabling you to feel calm while playing your game, say DOTA?? LOL.. But it does have a very soothing tune which you can listen to when you are going to take a short nap.. And I like how the piano is being played, very smooth and energetic..
21 - 「モノクロアクト」 オリジナル曲 vo.初音ミク(PV仕様): Also known as Monochroact, a very mesmerizing song that can leave you deciding whether this is a lively song or a very sad song.. From my point of view, this is about Miku having a depression or some sort, judging by the grey, black and white overall.. I like the music as it shows both side of Miku.. Anyway, I like when they begin the whole song with a tape being played.. Very original.. ^^
14 - 【鏡音リン&初音ミク】 逆さまレインボー 【オリジナル・PV付】: More known by my bro as Reverse Rainbow, a very lively duet by both Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin.. I like the artwork they make and the transition between each scene is awesome.. I was amazed that this person have time to make both video and song, having said that he have to do a solo on Miku and Rin themselves.. Overall, this song is one of the best yet..
11 - 彼方まで虹を架けて【初音ミクオリジナル】: A very happy song that leave you wanting more.. Its like one of those INSERT songs in one of those romance anime sort of thing.. A very catchy tune plus a very nice chorus.. Judging by listening to it, I say that this song does have potential to go up the rankings.. Who knows, right?? xD

Let us move on to the TOP 3 of this week Vocaloid Weekly:

3rd Place - 【初音ミク】 ペヤングだばあ 【オリジナル曲】: A very hip song with catchy tune.. Picture of the cute Miku tempted me to listen to the whole song.. The rhythm of the song is unique while the beat is funky.. Ntg much to say since I got bored halfway and closed the page.. -_-"
2nd Place - 【初音ミクオリジナル曲】SETSUNA【PV付】: Well, what can I say about this song? it has been most people's favourite for some time already and it has gone up 1 rank to be in 2nd place.. The song is just very nice to listen to, I doubt you ever miss it anyway.. The artwork is visually stunning plus just by adding overlays on a pic is pure genius.. It is as good as 初音ミクがオリジナル曲を歌ってくれました「Last Night, Good Night」 (Pity this song went down the rankings..).. Im hoping that this song will get 1st place for next week..
1st Place - がくぽに鬼畜眼鏡を歌ってもらった(full ver.): This spot for this week Vocaloid Weekly is taken by the powerhouse, Gackpoid.. Although no animation is needed, the song managed to clinch the TOP Spot 2 weeks in a row which is quite rare to see.. Usually it is those music with animations that stays on 1st Place for quite awhile like 初音ミクがオリジナルを歌ってくれたよ「ブラック★ロックシューター」 a.k.a. Black Rock Shooter.. Well, Gackpoid must be having his good luck for this 2 weeks.. Will he continue to stay in TOP Position? We will see..

Well, looking at some of the songs, I am sure some of them will go up the rankings.. It is hard to tell who will take the TOP 3 spots just like last week Vocaloid Weekly #46 when the song がくぽに鬼畜眼鏡を歌ってもらった(full ver.) came out of nowhere and take 1st Place.. There are also some new songs that took the TOP 10 spots in this week Vocaloid Weekly so expect the unexpected.. xD

Let us carry on to the music of the Winner & 1 best song of the week:

21 - 「モノクロアクト」 オリジナル曲 vo.初音ミク(PV仕様) a.k.a. Monochroact

And here is the Winner of this week Vocaloid Weekly #47:

Winner - がくぽに鬼畜眼鏡を歌ってもらった(full ver.)

For more info, you can visit the NicoVideo site..

Well, that sums up this week review of Vocaloid Weekly.. Sorry again if I post this entry quite late.. I was shopping for some IT stuff at Comex which was held at SuntecConvention Centre..

Anyway, 1 more day to Hatsune Miku's birthday.. I wonder what post I should make for her birthday.. Hmm, still have alot of time to think.. I still have time to do my Wordpress page so do stay to catch the announcement once I complete the page..

Till then, keep on listening to Vocaloid songs ok?? ^^


  1. Wooo Thanks for posting this. It's really the only way I'd be able to find out what's popular in the VOCALOID world. I pretty much burn the ones I don't have onto CDs to listen to in the car.

  2. @ ClearTranquil: No problem.. Thanks for visiting my blog.. ^^

    I used to burn some of the Hatsune Miku songs into a CD to listen in my car.. I have now switch to a MP3 player adapter which allows me to play songs directly from any MP3 player..

    Save cost on purchasing CDs lol.. xD

  3. I love 逆さまレインボー! Reverse Rainbow lol.

    竟 is also nice.


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