21 August 2008

Vocaloid Weekly 46 - The Day Gackpoid Rule Them All

After such a long while listening to Vocaloid Weekly over the weeks, I took a liking to Gackpoid (not gay lol) due to some of his songs, especially this week Vocaloid Weekly winner song by him;
がくぽに鬼畜眼鏡を歌ってもらった(full ver.).. Seriously, I thought listening to the winner's song by Gackpoid would be FAIL, but I thought wrong..

Well, at least Kaito and Hatsune Miku are doing well in the charts, having some of their songs to rise up in the rankings.. I wonder what happen to Meiko, none of her songs are within the TOP 30 list.. Pity..

Anyway, lets take a look at the Vocaloid Weekly #46 charts:

Part A:

Part B:

Let us move on to some of the songs in this week Vocaloid Weekly Chart:

29 - 初音ミク が オリジナル曲を歌ってくれたよ「恋は戦争」: No surprise here.. Ryo's song will keep going back into the TOP 30 ranks somehow.. Well, listening to Love is War, I still do not find it to some Hatsune Miku songs which I find quite annoying after a long time being played, whether on PC or my iPod shuffle.. This song is still one of the best yet.. ^^
26 - 【初音ミク】Miktronica II【オリジナル曲】: Don't let the title fool you.. This isn't some Techno remix song suggested by just looking at the name.. This song however, is one of those dramatic songs that either cheer you up or just make you feel sad.. After my test today, I got cheered up listening to this song.. And this is one of the few songs that have Miku going so high pitch that my ears start to ring after listening to it.. Overall, a very nice song..
22 - 【初音ミク(40㍍)】ナケナシノチカラ【オリジナル曲】: A very happy song indeed.. Quite nice to listen to and the tune is quite catchy.. This song is made by "40meter" and I like the way he made the music.. The picture of Hatsune is quite cute IMO.. Her face resembles Haruhi Suzumiya while her overall style looks like Tsuruya.. Well, that is just me since I am a fan of the Suzumiya Haruhi series.. xD
12 - 【初音ミク】夏色☆キャンバス【みなと×みくる】: A very unique song and video I might say.. The video is nicely-made, making it look like a very good love story of some sort.. I find the song wonderful to listen.. I like the sunset part where the sun at the horizon shines on Miku and the mystery guy.. ^^ Nice effects indeed..
10 - 「モノクロアクト」 オリジナル曲 vo.初音ミク(PV仕様): A very sad song.. I find the music catchy but due to my lack of understand of Japanese language, I do not understand most of the words that appear during one part of the song.. Overall, this song does have potential to be one of the TOP 3 but we will see, next week perhaps??

Now let us move on to this week TOP 3:

3rd Place - 【初音ミクオリジナル曲】SETSUNA【PV付】: As shown a week ago, this song was voted one of the best songs by me and I had high hopes for it to be one of the TOP 3 songs.. The wish came true and it got 3rd place.. This song is definitely a one of a kind artistic work.. This is a song you must listen to and the video a must see.. ^^
2nd Place - 【神威がくぽオリジナル曲@KMP】ダンシング☆サムライ【がくっぽいど】: One of the few Gackpoid songs that I got used to after a few times listening to.. The tune is kinda funky and the song is catchy.. Although the song is quite nice, I do find the video a turn-off since it was poorly made.. But other than that, the song was quite nice to hear though.. At NicoDouga, the video's comment were filled with "WW"(lolol) and "......." in one partucular scene.. I rofl at that.. xD
1st Place - がくぽに鬼畜眼鏡を歌ってもらった(full ver.): Another song by Gackpoid.. And guess what, this is a very new song.. I congratulate the person who made this song seriously.. Out of nowhere and the song took 1st spot.. EXCELLENT!! (not sarcasm) This song is apparently taken from an OP from a YAOI game; Kichiku Megane.. Right...... Anyway, back at topic, the creater of this video + song of Gackpoid pulled it off very well.. +1 internets for him.. ^^

Other than just the Yaoi part, I find the songs on TOP 3 quite interesting to listen.. I was actually quite surprised when the song 【初音ミクオリジナル曲】SETSUNA【PV付】 made it to TOP 3.. Who knew.. Now I wish for the song 【初音ミク】夏色☆キャンバス【みなと×みくる】 to go up the ranking past TOP 10 to TOP 3.. I simply like that video.. ^^

Here are the songs; the winner & 1 best song of the week:

12 - 【初音ミク】夏色☆キャンバス【みなと×みくる】

And here is the Winner of this week Vocaloid Weekly #46:

Winner - がくぽに鬼畜眼鏡を歌ってもらった(full ver.)

For more info, you can visit the NicoVideo site..

Firstly, I would like to say sorry to everyone for not blogging for the past 2 days or so.. I was very busy studying for my exam that I had to put off some of my entries temporarily, including this one for school..

Well, today was my 2nd last paper and the next paper would be next Tuesday.. This means that I can catch up one animes and o some serious blogging.. ^^

Finally, this is the first time I felt freedom (short-term no doubt).. Well, back to good old blogging I guess.. :P


  1. Gackpoid for Gackt?

  2. @ yumeno: Yep.. He got his own special character for people to make songs with.. Gackpoid may become more famous than him in the future, who knows.. ^^

  3. I like 夏色☆キャンバス, ナケナシノチカラ, and がくぽに鬼畜眼鏡を歌ってもらった. This Gackpoid song turned out pretty good~ ^^


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