28 August 2008

"Re:Package" [Livetune feat. Hatsune Miku]

It seems that the time has finally come.. The much-hyped Hatsune Miku music album, "Re:Packaged" by Livetune featuring none other than Miku herself is already out on the market just yesterday.. It is good news since Miku's birthday is just 3 days away(Its on 31st August).. ^^

Apparently the album was so famous that it was almost on top of every ranking, on it’s first day of release.. Now that is simply EPIC.. Anyway, which rankings am I talking about?

Well, first of all is the advertising box called “Nico Nico Ichiba”, which you can find at the bottom of the video page.. There are products that are related to the video itself. People could then click on this and buy it from Nico Nico Douga's partners (such as Amazon Japan).. In most Hatsune Miku videos, this usually points to the "Re:Packaged" album..

Well, here is the ranking on the day of the album's release:

Wow, it seems that Touhou is still the winners too.. They took the 2nd and 3rd spots in "Nico Nico Ichiba".. Well, their songs are awesome too.. ^^

Next up is Amazon Japan, one of Nico Nico Douga's partners.. Since the album is primarily sold there, they are placed in the rankings.. Here you go:

Well, there you have it, the rankings for "Re:Packaged" from 2 good sites.. I wonder how the other website will rank the album.. Looking at those rankings already tempt me into buying the album, seriously..

Anyway, back to topic at hand, the album featured many Hatsune Miku songs made by "kz" and "kajyuki", 2 of the many best composer for Hatsune Miku.. They are quite good, believe me..

So I went to compile the list of songs that are included within the album.. Here are the songs:

01. Anthem
02. Packaged
03. over16bit!(Full ver.)
04. シューティング☆スター :"Shooting Star"
05. 虹色 :"Niji-Iro"
06. 椛 :"Momiji"
07. Light Song
08. リラホルン :"Lilachorn"
09. 日々の夢想い :"Hibi No Omoi"
10. ファインダー :"Finder"
11. ドキドキハートチューン :"Doki Doki Heart Tune"
12. ストロボナイツ :"Strobo Nights"
13. Last Night, Good Night
14. Packaged piano ver.
15. our music

You can get to hear a preview of their songs at their Official Website.. There is an intro video so please do not skip it if your internet isn't laggy.. ^^

The background picture is so beautiful that I managed to save it as my desktop wallpaper.. It looks good on my empty desktop since I just reformat the whole laptop of mine..

So for those Miku fans out there, here are some of the songs that are in the album.. Enjoy! xD

Packaged [PV Ver.]

ファインダー :"Finder

Light Song

And last but not least, the ever famous song;

Last Night, Good Night

There you go, some of the great songs in the album itself.. If you wish to purchase it, you have to go to Amazon Japan to do so.. As for me, I am still finding a way to purchase it..

So if you have any slots for the purchase please tell me.. I am very happy for Miku's birthday this Sunday.. ^^

Source: Kevinay


  1. just want to add something for your information:
    it made it to the third place of the daily oricon CD rankings on the day of release! =3

    I ordered the album but Amazon Japan said that the shipping is going to be delayed for three days due to too many pre-orders for Re: Package... T^T

  2. You and your endless Miku pimpin'

  3. @ Kevinay: Wow!! That is good news.. Thanks Kevinay.. ^^

    Eh?? This means that pre-ordering the album might take awhile for me.. I was planning to do so next week with my friend..

    @ CI: >_<;;

  4. I want this album! I'm not willing to import it though.. I will try to get it locally, otherwise, I'll use more.. shady means. ^^;

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