23 August 2008

Blog Tech Improvements

It has been an hour since I came back from the Natsu Matsuri and Bon Odori which was held at the Japanese Primary School at Changi.. Well, today I am not gonna talk about that yet since I have not uploaded the videos I recorded during the festival..

Today it is more about the upgrade I have put into my website which some of you might have noticed.. First of all is the addition of the summarization postlink function which Wordpress has..

Well, I added this new function because lately, I have received some info that my blog is getting laggier due to so many pictures uploaded for some of the entries.. The worst part is is that they have trouble doing so while using Firefox 3..

So I had to resort in searching the internet for a good site that can help me in this situation.. I finally found a site that proved to be useful in solving this situation and this resulted in my blog being going back to its normal state..

Anyway, click hereto visit the website.. ^^

Now the next update would be the inline comment box most of my friends have.. Well, it makes commenting much easier than before..

All you have to do is to make a blogging draft for blogger.. For more info, you can visithere.. It will tell you step-by-step on how to do so..

Anyway, that is all I have to say about this month's Blog Tech.. I am now very tired after a trip to Natsu Matsuri and would like to have a nice good sleep.. Do comment whether my blog is better after I added these new features.. Greatly appreciate it.. I will post about Natsu Matsuri and Bon Odori 2morrow if time permits.. ^^


  1. i do like the embedded comment form. ^^

  2. All of this could have been easily solved by moving to Wordpress platform. I assume you will do that soon though, judging from our recent chats.

  3. Anonymous9:08 AM

    What Panther said. Wordpress has all these functions already lol.

  4. the summary and embedded comments are great but wordpress makes it even easier.

    and after moving to wordpress for 3 weeks i also noticed an increase in comments and traffic. u may want to consider moving soon? ^^;

  5. Hey I agree with the rest of the comments, WordPress for the win! :)

  6. embedded comment box is awesome. But as gordon said, wordpress made it easier. ^^

  7. @ everyone: Well, judging by everyone's comment, it seems that you all love Wordpress very much..

    Well, I shall have enough free time to do my Wordpress page after my exam is over..

  8. Wordpress.. I should check it out too.

  9. @ Mizunaga: We have been hit by the Wordpress virus.. ^^


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