27 August 2008

Digging of Old Junks

It has been awhile since I have reformatted my laptop (about 1 years..).. It was troubling for me to reformat early this year due to schoolwork and also the problem of studying for my school's semestral examination..

Some of you might have noticed that I post this entry quite late due to the reformatting process I did after my final exam paper for this semester..
Not only does it took 2 hours to reformat the whole laptop, it took me an extra 1 hour to get all the necessary drivers and softwares needed to be installed on my laptop..

Backing up on my old data was quite boring actually; I have to copy those pictures, videos and other datas that are worth being backed up.. Those that are not selected for backing up are gone permanently which is good since I do not have to delete them one at a time..

Well, one of the files that I backed up was the "My Pictures" folder, filled wit pictures of the recent events like Natsu Matsuri, CosFest and the WCG Coscon..

There are also the Hatsune Miku pictures that I have stored for blogging reference and also inspiration for making my own Miku pictures.. There are a couple of Miku projects me and my brother embarked on.. More on that in future entries..

Although digging up old junks was initially boring, there was some interesting discovery I found within my laptop..

I found some old screenshots of my WoW character during my WoW days.. It has been a long time since I played the game.. Due to the September holidays coming up and also the recent Wrath of the Lich King cinematic trailer, I might start my WoW account again..

Then this is the best treasure I found within my laptop's data, the music video for White Reflection, the famous song played in Gundam Wing Endless Waltz..

No it is not the Gundam Wing video, it is really a PV from TWO-MIX themselves, though it is animated..

This was a very old video I found by chance from the defunct DivX Video Site like quite long ago, even longer than last year's reformat.. Well, this is one PV that I kept for so long and will be one of the few videos that I will continue to keep for times to come..

Anyway, for those Gundam Wing fans, here is the PV of White Reflection by TWO-MIX:

How about you, do you find any good treasures while digging out old data junks from your desktop or laptop? ^^


  1. lol. My desktop is filled with rubbish. I don't think I have much/anything worth calling treasure...

  2. I has full of data that I never go through. I would take a year to get through everything probably.

  3. my treasures can't be shown! :X

    yes I have alot hahahaa

  4. @ Mizunaga: Well, you never know till you dig your laptop/desktop for it.. Might be worth the try.. ^^

    @ Panther: LOL @ 1 year.. How big is your HDD space?

    @ Anonymous Coward: Hidden Files? ^^


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