29 August 2008

Figma Hatsune Miku Open for Reservation

The wait is finally over.. Everyone's dreams of wanting to hear the announcement of the pre-order for figma Hatsune Miku has been answered.. Max Factory finally announced that she is now available for pre-order.. ^^

If you have read my previous entry about figma Hatsune Miku, it shows that she comes with her own microphone, which comes with its own stand.. Now how great is that..

I like this pose..

Other than just the mic, she also comes with not one, but 2 leeks to go with.. This feels that that .gif I saw a while ago when Hatsune Miku swings around with 2 leeks.. xD
I simply like Miku's outfit, quite shiny I might say.. It adds to the uniqueness of the character.. I prefer to see figma Miku up close personally.. The details on her outfit are well made..
Close-up shot of figma Miku.

So anyway, the figma Miku is opened for reservation as of today at Hobby Search(HS).. However, the bad news is that it is limited to 1 person only, which Wcloudx told me earlier today.. :(

Fortunately, Panther also have an account on HS and I asked him whether he can do so for me.. Well, I shall await for his news whether he received the confirmation email from them.. Thanks Panther.. ^^
Anyway, figma Hatsune Miku will be available as early as September 10th, 2008, just few weeks away, by Max Factory for 2,500 Yen which is about SGD$32 retail price...

The reason why it’s early is probably to celebrate Hatsune Miku’s birthday, which is on this Sunday, 31st August.. I hope I get my WP site online on that day.. And it will be a great disappointment if I cannot obtain her.. :(


  1. What?! Reservation closed at HobbySearch! unyuu...

  2. @ Divine Fang: Yeah, it is so popular that it took less than a day for the reservation to close.. Thats how popular Hatsune Miku is.. ^^

  3. I just hope there won't be any problems with her mike and mikestand. ^^;

  4. @ Mizunaga: Yeah, it looks so thin, I hope it wont break while she is singing.. >_<

  5. Anonymous8:21 AM

    dual leeks! so excellent ^_^

  6. Anonymous12:44 AM

    cant believe i got one from my local hobby store yesturday, Im so lucky!


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