09 August 2008

World Cyber Games Singapore 08 - General Event

Being a video game lover, I have known so long that the annual World Cyber Games Singapore is going to be held at Suntec City Convention Hall once again for 2008.. Well, going there was a tough one since there is also the Singapore National Day Parade held nearby at Marina Bay..

This means that I have to travel via East Coast Parkway(ECP) to go to Suntec.. So I reached the place at about 10am(Quite early by standard person).. Reason will be explained below..

So the area outside the event was pretty much empty at that particular time.. Even the area around the booth nearest to the main entrance; Intel and Samsung has none to quite a few number of visitors in their respective area..

The only booth that was packed with quite a large number of people would be the World of Warcraft booth.. Nope, they aren't selling any World of Warcraft PC games.. They are showcasing the WoW Trading Card Game(TCG) cards and see how players play the game skillfully..

After that I went around the whole convention looking at the rest of the booths..

What surprised me was the Cheer's booth that was at the convention.. Cheers is one of the many convenience store in Singapore which dont sell video-games related stuff nor do they promote much of it..

However, judging by the booth, it seems that Cheers has taken into a liking to X-Box360 games like Need for Speed ProStreet.. There were about 10 consoles up for free gameplay..

Next up will be X-Box360 booth, the biggest I've seen in the convention.. Not only they have alot more consoles than the other booths have to offer..

But they showcased a game that has not been released on the market yet.. The game, "Too+Human" will be released next week or the week after that but as you can see, visitors who visit the WCG get to play the full version of the game beforehand..

Well, other than just that particular game, there is also the Project Gotham 4 game.. The best thing is that the video is streamed onto a big screen for all to see.. XD

Other than just playing the games there, you can watch players battle it out in the WCG tournament held there.. But I wasn't too keen on watching them play for too long.. ^^

Here is the main stage area dedicated to show what tournament is being held currently and the video are shown streamed from the tournament area nearby.. Commentator spoke about the battles etc from somewhere..

There was also a booth that showcase real cars up close.. Though I forgot what was the comapny's name that showcase the cars..

The cars looks splendid IMHO.. ^^

At the Intel booth, they were kind enough to show us the new Acer Predator gaming PC.. It looks totally awesome, especially the casing itself.. Though the colour of the LCD monitor looks weird in orange colour..

Here we have the WCG Guitar Heroes 3 tournament held at the Samsung booth.. The winner if I am not mistaken was Singapore(BZ playing C&C3: Kane's Wrath nearby).. Congrats Singapore! ^^

Well, that is all I have for the standard coverage of the World Cyber Games Singapore 2008.. However, this is just the general stuff..

The real reason I was there was because of the CosCon that was also held at the WCG convention just today recently in the afternoon.. I was there early to play all the new games that I didn't get a chance to play and did so before CosCon starts.. There was quite a number of cosplayers who attended the event..

Anyway, here is a sneak peek of what is to come 2morrow when I have more free time to edit the pictures and also do the Caramelldansen video I recorded during CosCon..

Hope you enjoy reading this entry.. ^^


  1. what the hell Cheers booth with xboxes. LOL! seem so out of place still.

    hey thanks for the coverage! i missed this event to tend a flea market stall :/

    damn didn't know coscon was on.. not much marketing for it huh.. lol

    you play WoW?

  2. u went down with panther and gang?

  3. @ anonymous coward: Well, I only noticed the CosCon was held there via SGCafe.. Other than that I have no other clue how to know about the event..

    I did play WoW a few months back but decided to stop temporarily to focus on my studies.. Will continue after my semestral exam..

    @ gordon: Nope not everyone was there, including Panther.. Panther organised a Console Session at his house yesterday but I didn't go due to CosCon..

    The only ppl who went for the event was CI, Zero, Akabane, Raven and Hirito I think.. I hope I didn't miss anyone out.. ^^

  4. WCG sucks this year. Haha I heard about Too Human from Zero only this morning.

    Cheers, WTF. And I hate that kind of weird color casing.

  5. I wonder did they still have some classic game like Counter Strike? ^^"

    thanks for the coverage anyway.


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