18 August 2008

C74's News of Figma Hatsune Miku

Well, talking about figma Hatsune Miku, Mikatan posted some more pictures about GSC booth during the famous Comiket 74 at Big Sight..

Well, the good news is that there are banners and posters showing figma Hatsune Miku and the Kagamine Twins all around the convention..

GSC as per usual showcase most of their new and also upcoming figures and figmas.. I am already happy to see figma Hatsune Miku and Hayate from Nanoha series..

There are a couple more posters about the figma Hatsune Miku.. However, the word "Coming Soon" didn't blew off my hopes.. It is more like the message further entice me to glue myself onto my seat and attentively wait for any more news about figma Hatsune Miku..

Taken during WonFest..

Well, there is all I have to say about today, I hope.. I have exam coming up in a few hours time and I will do my best to pass it.. Till then, I will post any news whenever there is free time to spare.. News VIA Wcloudx.. ^^


  1. i won't be getting figma miku (for now) as i already ordered the PVC miku.

    lets hope figma miku comes with many interchangeable faces like the nendoroid. ^^

  2. good luck for your exam!

  3. More about Miku...

    anyway, good luck in your exam.

  4. Figma Miku~ I might get her, since figmas are cheap(er). I'll look at more shots before deciding.


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