13 August 2008

DJ Max Fever and DJ Max TECHNIKA Announced

Wow, it has been such a logn time since I played this game on my bro's PSP.. Well, apparently PM Studios announced just recently that it will be publishing Pentavision's DJ Max Fever in the United States..

Well, you all know DJ Max Portable right? The music game which the player must press their keys in time with the melody, rhythm or beat, as indicated by scrolling symbols..

She is just lovely right?? xD

It is essentially Beatmania squeezed into a handheld form, which have you furiously button-mashing on the PSP to the beat of the music.. Man, my bro did scold me a few times for doing so.. :P

Here is the Intro video from DJ Max Portable:

So whats new in the US version? Well, quoted from IGN,
"The game is going to be a mix of DJ Max Portable and DJ Max 2. The title will pack in more than 100 songs for you to tap through; a Freestyle mode that's activated by performing a perfect mix; goal-based contests called Extreme challenges..

There would be five difficulty levels (including something that will thankfully approach "feasible for mortals" -- the import and demo edition were notorious for being too hard for those blessed with only a mere 10 fingers); Network Battle Mode; and a collection gallery to house the music videos, soundtracks, and images you unlock."

So you can expect more fun and more.. Button-Mashing actions?? -_-" Well, at least I can get to play more songs from the DJ Max games.. ^^

Speaking of DJ Max Fever being recently announced, there is another announcement made by the people who made DJMAX Portable and EZ2DJ.. They have finally announced the new and upcoming DJ Max game on arcade..

This version is called DJ Max TECHNIKA.. Here is the promotional video I found on Youtube.. It is a very nice promo indeed..

Here you go:

I will get my chance to play this game when in comes to the shores of Singapore.. I wonder what songs will get to appear in the game.. Sources from Kotaku and IGN..

Well, just by looking at this, I am going to dust off my bro's PSP and play the DJ Max Portable 2 game once again.. ^^


  1. I heard about this today and posted something on it too. I'm a DJ Max Portable (and 2) master if I do say so myself...so this I'm REALLY looking forward to.

  2. @ cleartranquil: Nice to meet you DJMP2 Master.. I am still an apprentice in this art of "button-mashing"..

    I will need your guidance to play the upcoming DJ Max game.. ^^

  3. I like all these song-based games because of the nice artwork and music. But when it comes to the gameplay, I fall flat completely. ^^;

  4. @ mizunaga: Practice makes perfect my dear friend.. But if still not possible, there is hope.. You can try doing AI-play to play the song for you.. ^^

  5. Anonymous4:19 PM

    What about classiqual and black box. Classiqual had already been release. I am really hoping for the arcade version to be out soon.


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