14 August 2008

Automated Art From Space

As beautiful as art could be, anything can be a pretty thing when you take a look at it from a different angle.. Well, you have seen Planet Earth from space so many countless times that you need a calculator to do so for some of you..

But what if you've seen the view of air traffic or even land telephone cables at Britain, one of the world's most busiest cities?? Now that's something to see..

View of Fibre Optics transferring data..

Using the latest satellite technology and innovations in aerial photography, the pictures will be shown for the first time on 'Britain from Above', a new TV series that starts this Sunday.

The programme maker also uses satellite data and the latest computer generated imagery to demonstrate how Britain keeps moving...

View of taxis plying around London..

Well, BBC made such awesome documentaries that I always watched one or two of them once a week.. This is another documentary to catch when it comes out in Singapore..
Air traffic above Britain..

For more pictures and also the videos, please visit Gizmodo.. I wonder that it will looks like above Singapore instead of Britain.. Must be interesting to do so.. ^^


  1. Wow, nice. Interesting but not something I would catch though.

  2. @ panther: Wow! You are quick to comment.. Didn't expect anyone to do so this fast.. >_<

    Well, there are some documentaries that intrigue me, especially the MythBusters show.. Will give this one a look too.. xD

  3. interesting... can they show one of singapore too?

  4. Wow holy smokes. Those are neat.

  5. Awesome!! The London is just look like Earth cracks. ^^"

  6. MythBusters are great to watch. i now understand girls do fart and paper can be folded more than 7 times. ^^

  7. Omg the Air traffic and Taxis look phenomenal, amazing find bro. It is so true what you wrote about art. Those are definitely beautiful, I never even thought or considered seeing them this way.

  8. @ k: I hope they will.. Singapore is one of the busiest country in South-East Asia.. ^^

    @ kozta-boom: It feels like Hellgate London.. xD

    @ gordon: Lol.. I didn't know about the fart thingy.. I need to see more documentaries.. >_<

  9. Wow, beautiful. I wonder what's in that central point in the Fibre Optics picture.


  10. @ mizunaga: It could be the new headquarters of NERV.. You never know.. xD


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