10 August 2008

CosCon at WCG S'pore 08

Earlier on, I posted about the World Cyber Games Singapore 08 held at the Suntec Convention Hall which I went yesterday. However, the reason for me being there isn't because of just the games and the WCG tournament..

I was there to catch the CosCon event which was only held yesterday.. So I grabbed this opportunity to go there, even on Singapore's National Day Parade and also Team Blue's console session..

So the event starts off at the main stage area(I was playing the game Too+Human when it started), the host introduces the panel of judges and also the 24 competitors tht entered the cosplay contest..

Although I was kind of late in covering the beginning of the contest, I managed to take some shots of the last few contestants being interviewed by the host.. We got Predator..

Nice costume.. Can the laser gun work?

Then we have the Green Ranger from Power Rangers..

Well, here are the 24 contestants on stage.. Left side..

And the right side..

After the 24 contestants are announced, voting was carried out to find the TOP 9(The 10th contestant went missing so not counted) of the cosplay competition..

While votes are being made, the event shifted to singing.. There were quite a few number of Japanese songs being sung.. The ones I like were the song "Daybreak's Bell" from the 1st OP of Gundam00..

The other was "Seikan Hikou" sung by our very own Ranka Lee.. ^^

Her singing was alright but the plus point was that she did some of the same dance moves as the real Ranka in Macross Frontier..

After the singing event, it was time for the D-Grayman group to do Hare hare Yukai.. They were supposed to do something better using the song "Gekidou".. However, the disc with the music in it went missing so they had no choice but to go for Hare Hare Yukai dance..

Well, at least there is the Haruhi cosplayer who cosplayed as Lenalee during CosCon.. XD

The group doing Hare Hare Yukai..

So after the dance, it was back to the cosplay competition.. After the TOP 9 was announced before the Hare Hare Yukai dance, it was time to announce the winners of the competition..

3rd place goes to Haruhi (or what the host referred to as Naruhi??)..

2nd place goes to.. Darn, I need help in identifying this character..

The 1st place was given to the Link cosplayer.. She(Csoplayer) looks cool with the shield and sword.. ^^

Now from here onwards are some of the pictures I took of the cosplayers during and after the CosCon event.. I would like to say sorry for some of the blurred pictures.. My camera wasn't good at taking shots under dim lighting..

Anyways, enjoy the pictures..

Lavi taking a break with Tyki Mikk in human form..

Lenalees!! Lol..

Wow.. Best scene yet.. I didn't know D-Grayman has a love scene..

Scandalous... XD

This seems nice..

Rei from EVA..

Rei with Yuki Nagato Bad Witch outfit..

Well, that is the end of this entry.. I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures.. I shall wait for the upcoming Natsu Matsuri which will be held at Japanese Primary School at Changi on the 23rd of August.. Click here for details..

There would be another Natsu Matsuri event at VivoCity but I need to check online to confirm the date.. There will be another cosplay event there but as I said it, need further checking...

So I would end this entry with a video I recorded during CosCon.. It is the Caramelldansen dance by a group of cosplayers on the main stage.. Enjoy watching!! ^^


  1. Nice pictures bro, the event seems amazing, I wish I could have gone.

    Hey btw in this picture you posted http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_ML_kFkjpdzE/SJ6F1IQortI/AAAAAAAAGfw/3EqLfJGdpKE/s1600-h/CosConWCG_10.jpg

    The girl in front, I believe I have seen her dress up as a very cute haruhi once. It might have been on your blog....I cant quite remember and too lazy to search. Let me know if she is though if it was in your post.

  2. Hehhhhhhh! Tanoshi so!

  3. @bzou: Yes, it's confirmed. My friend (personally?) knows her online I think.

    In fact, there's a link to the Haruhi cosplay right above the picture you're referring to.

  4. So many of the same cosplayers we saw at previous events such as Cosfest and Streetfest, not to mention they were cosplaying the same characters.

    Identification for the blue witch is...I forgot her name, Tuyruu? Or something, from Ninety-Nine Nights, the cosplayer's name is Lenne.

  5. To be frank I was totally shocked when that Haruhi came in third. There was tones of disappointment from crowd.

    Sucks to be it, Voting system and she has a large fan base on site.

  6. seems like lots of cosplay events in singapore lately.

    good thing there's no bleach and naruto characters for this one right?

  7. lol! the man wearing anime's character mask made me lol! >∇<"

  8. @ bzou and infestor51: Thanks for the heads up Infestor.. Yeah, its in one of my blog entry about CosFest.. I provided the link above the picture you took from.. ^^

    @ panther: Ah.. Thanks for the info Panther.. I wonder where Inphyy went?? xD

    @ raven: Agreed.. Well, the real reason is that not alot of people went to the voting box to vote for the TOP 9 cosplayers on stage..

    I'm one of the lazy person that didn't vote.. :P

    @ gordon: Now its the rise of D-Grayman.. Well, who knows.. Maybe Soul Eater too?? xD

    @ kozta-boom: He is now known as "UNKNOWN"..

  9. According to some info I got, there are about 4 Lenalees there on Saturday. I could not confirm them with my own eyes for they are reserved for the beautiful intel ladies.

  10. whats that thingy in the tyres? so cute ^^

  11. @ raven: Yes there are about 4 of them.. One of them is the Haruhi cosplayer from CosFest.. Seriously, I need to know what is their names.. >_>

    @ andra: He is "Unknown".. No one knows his identity since he was wearing a paper bag with a smiley face stuck on the face front.. xD

  12. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Hello :D

    I'm the girl who is in the 2nd place. My character name is called Subaru from the game series called .Hack\\SIGN ^_^

  13. Another great event I missed. orz

    You Singaporeans seem to be having all the fun with the events. All we Malaysians have are tabloids attacking shounen ai and figure collecting.

    BTW- Coincidentally, I was just thinking the other day, "Man.. I would like to see someone cosplay as Ranka Lee and sing a Macross song" XD
    But she should have sang "Watashi no kare wa Pilot", since she's on stage and not on the battlefield. ><


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