05 August 2008

Figma Fate Get

Front view of box..

YES!! Finally, I got the figma Fate that I've been waiting for such a long time.. The box looks quite nice, the same as figma Nanoha's box..

I got this thanks to Wcloudx, who helped me pre-order from Hobby Search after I cant find any pre-order of figma Fate being announced in local figure shops in Singapore..
Back view of box..

Judging by the so many reviews and just random picture-taking in other blogs, I am very excited to take her out from the box after I took the pictures for this entry..
Side view(Left) of box..

After looking at the back of the box, I am still figuring out how do I play around with her.. I am doing so so that I can decide what pose will be suitable for the figure review of her in the next couple of days..

Getting this is already awesome.. Maybe I will have her spar with the gundams for now.. As for me, I shall wait for my next figure release; figma Rin from Fate/Stay Night.. ^^


  1. which gundam are you going to get her to spar with? duel? ^^

  2. @ k: I have 1/144 Freedom which has the same height as figma Fate..

    Or maybe I should go for the 1/100 Infinite Justice and Strike Freedom.. ^^

  3. Congrats on your acquisition! Now I need to wait for mine to arrive... PURASUMA- ZANBA- BUREIKAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  4. WHAT! NO UPSK**T PHOTOS??!?!?!?!


  5. @ フェイダムさん: Its alright.. You will have plenty of time playing around with her when she arrives at your doorstep.. You won't regret it.. ^^

    @ anonymous coward: Soon, my friend.. Very soon.. XD

  6. Congrats on getting her! ^^ I can't wait for photos.


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