22 August 2008

The Wrath of The Lich King is L33T

Rise!! My trusty dragon.. Blizzard has summoned us once again..

Well, I got hooked to World of Warcraft a year ago.. Now, I am going to get hooked by the game again.. Well, it is not about the game graphics that tempt me to continue my WoW account..

It is actually the latest cinematic trailer for the upcoming WoW game; WoW: Wrath of The Lich King..

Most people do know about the main story of the Wrath of Lich King.. Obviously it is about The Lich King, Arthas Menethil.. You know, the undead dude riding on an undead horse in Warcraft 3? ^^

After like 3 - 4 years of waiting, finally he can get some screentime.. He was sitting on his frozen throne for far too long, I wonder how his butt feels.. xD
Can somebody get me a radiator ASAP??

And yes, who can forget about The Lich King's runesword, Frostmourne.. Other than making Arthas into an insane maniac who then kill his father, the sword does make him very GAR...
FEEL MY GAR-ness..

And of course, there is also his trusty air buddy Sapphiron, the H4X Frost Wyrm.. Seriously, I wonder how he will be implemented in Wrath of The Lich King..
Izit a bird? Izit batman? NO! Its Sapphiron!!

Well, I feel like getting this game as soon as it comes out in market.. Some of my friends have planned to pre-order the game which would be released in November according to Blizzard..

To those ex-WoW players, you might feel tempted to continue your characters and kill all those undeads in Northrend..
Northrend must be very very cold..

I hope this game would not be delayed again.. It would be a great disappointment to have it delayed again since it was scheduled for September release in the first place.. But heck, I can wait for it..

Anyway as a present for reading this, here is the cinematic trailer of WoW:TWoLK:

I can see more of my money flying away.. ^^;;


  1. downloading trailer now.

    this game will rob u of your life i say. reminds me also of the south park WOW episode. loved it. ^^;

  2. i played for awhile.. im just not used to the gameplay..

    i didnt even reach level 20 :X

    good luck to you! i can see your youth being wasted. ahahahah joking :P

  3. Heh, I always played private servers, maybe I'll go back once they implement Raft of The Bitch King... I think the radiator one should be captioned "I can't move..." and the cold one "Can't... breathe...". Who can resist Frostmourne? It truly is an epic weapon, although Soul Calibur looks more epic.

  4. Great, time to upgrade my PC.

    I haven't played or tried WoW. But I would say this game (actually all games from Blizzard) will steal my sweet time to watching anime though. ^^;

  5. @ gordon & anonymous coward: Yeah, I can see myself growing a long moustache after I finish my 2 months of play only.. ^^

    @ フェイダムさん: Some private servers are lag-free but its hard to find such servers anyway.. :(

    I can see Darth Vader holding Frostmourne.. That would be EPIC.. xD

    @ kozta-boom: It did happen to me and it stole a month of my anime time.. After that, I learn how to control my time between anime and WoW somehow.. ^^

  6. MMORPGs are evil! ^^; Look what MapleStory is doing to my blogging!

    Can somebody get me a radiator ASAP??

  7. @ Mizunaga: MMORPGs are like that.. They suck the life out of players, really..

    I will do so since its after my exam.. I seriously have ntg to do.. :(


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