03 August 2008

Wonder Festival 2008 Summary

Even though WonFest ended long ago (about 6 hours ago), I am still amaze at the pictures taken by the public and companies alike.. Even as I am typing in my entry, there would be more people uploading pictures about what is on show in Wonder Festival..

Well, wait no further because I will show you the pictures now..

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:

This looks awesome..

Code Geass

Hatsune Miku

FREEing Ryōko Asakura

And Emiri Kimidori

KOS-MOS swimsuit Edition..
She is beautiful..

Nendoroid Shana..

I forgot this character's name but she is lovely..

Mahou Shoujo Ririkaru Nanoha StrikerS:

Nanoha Takamachi
This is freaking EPIC..

Subaru Nakajima

Teana Lanster

Well, that is all I have for the WonFest summary.. Hope you get to enjoy them.. I would like to thank FBB, Ota-Suke and K for the great and awesome pics from WonFest itself..

Pls do visit their sites to see more pics from the event.. ^^


  1. i hope to get my yoko next month. the gurren lagann and freeing bunnies looks great. but not too great for the wallet though. haha. ^^

  2. lol sorry. am still using my old account.

    btw thanks for coming to my new blog and updating your blogroll. appreciated it. ^^

  3. Those are some amazing pics man. I wish I could have been there.

  4. @ gordon: Same here.. My wallet alreadyhas one big hole in it.. I do not think that I can pre-order anymore stuff.. Pity..

    No problem Gordon.. It has been fun reading your blog for quite some time.. I'm hoping to change to Wordpress soon.. ^^

  5. @ bzou: Me too.. I wish I had the money just to go to WonFest.. I didn't get a chance to see any pictures about Nendo Miku WF exclusive.. :(

  6. Next year I'll be there...right now i still have some cash in my pocket.

  7. Wow, that KOS-MOS really looks amazing, I wonder if they'll mass-produce her. I hope they'll mass-produce the Nanoha figures as well, something as epic as those will definitely raise your sales.

  8. i think everyone will be burning a hole in their pockets ^^

  9. Yeah the KOS-MOS swimsuit will be mass-produced, the one whose name I cannot read because I cannot read Japanese.

    Yay, I am only interested in that KOS-MOS, and Orchid Seed's limited Wonfes Mizuho Kazami...how do I get her again? :(

  10. FREEing Ryoko and Emiri were there? Dang I can't wait for them to release! Thanks Fariz Asuka.

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  12. @ everyone: Let us hope that the figures that we want will be announced very very soon, especially the KOS-MOS swimsuit version.. ^^

  13. Edward12:41 AM

    Hi. Came across your blog while googling for wonfest, and I saw the Nanoha figures. I'm really interested in them. Are they exclusives? Are they from Atler?

  14. @ Edward: I think some of them are exclusive editions Nanoha figures.. However, one might never know that they can be release as per normal.. ^^

    Last time I checked they are from Alter..


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