04 June 2008

Tower of Druaga and Vampire Knights OP & EDs

After waiting for the Tower of Druaga ED single to come out for a long while, I've now managed to showcase a few more songs just a few weeks after their release..

I've decided to talk about the OP & ED from "Tower of Druaga" and also about the ED of "Vampire Knight"..

Without further ado, let us start with "Tower of Druaga":

Opening Theme
Title: Swinging
Performed By: Muramasa

The OP single is very nice to listen to, and the video is kinda awesome to watch.. But I have to agree with Mizunaga about the lip-sync prob..

But what makes up for it is the part where Yumi sings while lying down on a patch of flowers.. Kinda makes her innocent.. XD

Anyway, the other than the bad lip-sync, the song is alright..

Here is the OP from the anime:

And here's the PV:

And now we shall go to the ED..

Closing Theme
Title: Touchousha Tachi
Performed By: Kenn

Although I do not like the video of the ED in the anime, I find the full song very nice to listen to especially the chorus.. ^^

Here is the ED from the anime:

The anime is nice to watch.. Hope the show will get interesting yet funny in the future episodes.. Anyone else watching it??

Now we shall move on to
"Vampire Knight":

Closing Theme
Title: Still Doll
Performed By: Kanon Wakeshima

I find the song catchy although I agreed to the masses that the song is abit creepy and saddening.. I wish Kanon can sing better song than this.. Well, at least she did great in the PV..

Here is the ED from the anime:

Here is the PV:

I kinda finds the PV weird.. And that caucasion guy in the video is giving me the creeps.. O.O

And as always, I will now show the Imeem player with the full songs of all the songs shown in this entry.. Enjoy!!


  1. I liked the way Still Doll sounded ^^.
    and the singer being produced by Mana was the 1st thing that had me start listening to that song

  2. @ squee: Yea, the song is to me very catchy.. But I would not listen to the song at night because its kinda creepy IMO.. -_-"

    Hope Mana will produce better songs in the future.. ^^

  3. Honestly, I didn't quite like Vampire Knight's ED (and the OP too, for that matter) at first, but I guess it has sort of grown on me.

    I don't find the ED creepy though..

  4. @ mizunaga: Same here, used to hate the ED.. But now somehow I like listening to it..

    Hmm, you are very brave, soldier.. ^^


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