06 June 2008

Anime Baka New Hatsune Miku Banners

It has been a few days I started out my plan to improve my blog partially.. Already done were the banners of DannyChoo.com, Otaku.fm and Good Smile Company..

Miku Header Banner:

Just yesterday, my brother Infestor51 just finished on my new Hatsune Miku header banner on my blog... It took awhile to find the correct picture (below) to make the header banner..

I think Miku-chan in the above picture supposed to hold a microphone but there isn't in this pic..

Anyway, I then added a siper rifle from I-forgot-where and photoshopped them together with the help of Infestor51..

So how did it end up as that?? Well, I got inspired to do so from the mass convo on msn where Panther gave me the nickname "Miku Guardian" since I love so much about Hatsune Miku and also have to do something with the StreetFest event a few weeks back..

Then the gang ask me to have a weapon of sort.. We discussed and finally decided to have me use a MG since it is the shortform of my nickname.. However, I couldn't find any MG that can be used on Hatsune Miku because most of them aren't flat while the rest don't look nice on Miku-chan..

Ended up finding a siper rifle which looks "Ownage" enough for Hatsune Miku to hold.. And voila!! A new header banner.. ^^

Miku Sidebar Banner:

Although I uploaded the new banner onto my blog to replace the stock image of Hatsune Miku a few days ago, I didn't have the time to blog about that.. My brother did complain that the old banner wasn't quite nice to look at since there are nicer fan-made artworks..

4 days ago, I said that Im gonna let m brother pick the 2 pictures (below) for the new Miku Sidebanner..

However, my bro wasn't pleased with both pictures and instead found another good one for me.. Kawaii~~

I've got to hand it to my brother.. Once he starts on an artwork, he will not stop till he finished it.. I feel that I have to repay him someday.. Buy him a figma Haruhi perhaps?? -_-"

Anyway, before I end my entry for today, here is the last message my brother wrote before he went to sleep..

Well, thats it for the revamp of my blog fo the upcoming Summer Anime season.. I'm also gonna make my own "Miku Guardian" banner using the pic of Miku-chan with the gun..

I'm still thinking, does a sniper rifle suit Hatsune Miku??


  1. Amazing! Miku looks cool with her 'new' rifle.

  2. If Miku can look hawt as a Gundam, then I'll be damned, a sniper rifle suits her fine! ^^

  3. @ divine fang & C.I.: Thanks guys.. Will sure to make more of those banners in the future..

    And C.I. I will think of someway to make a Miku Gundam.. ^^

  4. Lovely, lovely banners. Miku really does look cool with her sniper rifle.

    Good job, Asuka and Infestor51 ^^

  5. @ mizunaga: Thanks.. Im trying to search for other different guns for Miku to hold..

    Will see more soon.. ^^

  6. looks cool. love the background as well^^;

    i have the original picture in 1600x1300 so i was wondering did u use the same resolution one in your photoshop? if yes how about sharing with us the the edited pic in it's high resolution? i believe many will love to have it as well. right guys? ^^;

  7. @ gordon: Well, due to the image of the sniper rifle being small, we reduced the image to 800x650.. :(

    Yeah, you can click on the picture itself to have the enlarged version.. ^^ I will try and edit this entry with the download link..

  8. Yeah its neat work. How did you do it. which software did you use man??

  9. Hey nice miku banners.. Would you mind making me one for my blog? It's awesome cute! ^_^


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