02 June 2008

Anime Baka Blog Revamped

The Spring Anime season is about to end soon and I was thinking of refurbishing my blog to "somewhat" suit to the next anime season which is the Summer Anime season..

Firstly I will like to start off with the new sidebar banners from DannyChoo.com website.. After the announcement that the latest member in the Suenaga family, Haruka..

Picture from DannyChoo.com

Main Sidebar Banners:

Haruka is so cute.. Twintails FTW!! XD

Danny then released some new banners which included her and also one banner in particular with both Mirai and Haruka in it..

I also took the liberty of adding the Otaku.fm banner(You'll get to see what other otaku bloggers are blogging about) and also..

the Good Smile Company banner.. Love when they announced new figurines from not only themselves but from Max Factory, etc..

With those banners up on my blog, maybe more people can get a chance to visit DannyChoo.com, see whats the latest and upcoming figurines at GSC and also get to read other blogs that have linked themselves into Otaku.fm..

Besides, they look nice in my blog too.. ^^

Next up is the Hatsune Miku Banner..

Hatsune Miku Banner:

Its been a long while since the Hatsune Miku banner(below) is put on my blog when my blog was born..

I was thinking of changing it to a more kawaii~~ or moe~~ look which is better rather than having the stock picture from Vocaloid themselves..

So I went around the internet and found the 2 best render of Hatsune Miku..

The first one is found at

Then the 2nd render was found at an unknown website because I didn't bother remembering it I forgot which website from the whole list of links under IE history.. -_-"

Anyway, it will now be up to my brother, Infestor51 to give the final decision on which render he will find most suitable to become the new Hatsune Miku banner..

I can't wait to see the end result.. ^^

Well, this isn't supposed to be part of the revamped-on-me-blog-thingy.. But I prefer to put today's news all under one entry..

Danjo Dance:

Anyway, I have just completed the editing of the Danjo Dance which Akabane recorded during the recent StreetFest '08 last week..

Although I gave up on that video since there wasn't any beginning on the video.. (No Offense Akabane)..

However, due to the sheer boredom of not doing anything other than just browsing the net and TV, I've decided to edit the video once and for all..

And there you have it, the video you all been waiting for.. Enjoy!!

I've also found another Danjo dance by the Mask Riders.. Totally hilarious..

And there you have it, the new banners are added to the sidebar while the Hatsune Miku banner will be ready in a few days or so..

I've decided to change the main banner header soon after the Summer Anime season's animes come out..

BTW, the character in the top picture is Eruru Karura from the anime series, Utawarerumono..


  1. Anonymous3:02 AM

    Those banners are all looking really awesome.

    Are you looking into redesigning your entire site, or just the banners? Either way, good luck!

    www.cruinne.com -- your ani-gaming community

  2. @ didi: Well, as for now, Im just changing every banners in my blog for the upcoming Summer Anime season..

    Redesigning the website is alot of work so I won't go there yet..

    Annyway, Thanks for your support.. ^^

  3. Finally summer anime season is coming. More Rei Kumigiya ^.^

    Spring is rather empty without her.

    Stalking in progress.

  4. wow.. Haruka is soooooo moeeeeeeeee! need to visit dannychoo.com XD

  5. I has joined the bandwagon lol. Nice looking.

  6. @ raven: Do you mean Rie Kugimiya??

    I have to agree Spring is somewhat empty without her..

    And yeah, go stalk her, I want my Miku to be safe from any stalkers.. XD

    @ prim3: Yes you should.. Twintails FTW!! ^^

    @ panther: Yeah, yours is looking good too.. Gonna do my header banner soon.. ^^

  7. You lie! That be Karura! D: She has the chain around her neck..

    Anyway, the new banners look good!

  8. @ mizunaga: Ooops.. My big mistake.. Anyway, thanks for correcting me..

    I must also say sorry to Karura before she hits me with her BIG sword.. :(

  9. the haruka and mirai banner looks awesome. i also changed mine to haruka. ^^;


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