15 June 2008

Singapore PC Show 2008 2nd Day

Well, it wa a tiring day as me and my brother, Infestor51 reached home at 10pm after heading down to Suntec City for the last day of the Singapore PC Show 2008..

I did talked about the reason I didn't get to go in yesterday in my last post.. Anyway, this time, we went early at about 2pm+ to get into the convention hall before the afternoon crowd which is gonna make the whole convention centre very packed like a sardine can..

As usual, the crowd in the main convention hall is always crowded since there are huge companies such as Acer, Fujitsu, Sony, Sharp, Canon, etc... They sell a wide variety of products ranging from PCs to TVs to Cameras..

I was at the convention gazing at laptops and TVs wondering if I should work part-time to buy a new laptop and a big HD-Ready TV for my own myself.. Besides, my mum won't complain since I used my own money.. ( Except for the electricity bills of course.. )

I'm wondering is Sharp Aquos TVs are a good buy.. Need opinion here in buying TVs.. ^^

Well, the 4th level convention hall was getting abit too crowded so me and Infestor51 decided to head upstairs on the 6th level to see more products on sale..

Apparently in every PC/IT Show, the 4th floor is mostly occupied by big companies while those at at the 6th floor are mostly SMEs that still sell great products and these products can be bought cheaper than those by big companies..

We stayed on till 9pm which is the closing time for the PC Show ( Well, events like this won't be 24hours right??).. We took our time browsing through the whole convention from 3rd floor (Belong to Sony) all the way till 6th floor..

Apple's MacBooks.. An increase number of people are using Macs (Not McDonalds) to do their normal routine like they do on other laptops.. My friends are even switching to Macs too.. -_-"

We did came back with something... I got a 4gb microSD card at around $25.. My brother didn't get to buy anything because all the products he wanted are way overbudget for him.. :(

Well, that is the end of my report of my visit to the PC Show.. Will report again for the next IT/PC Show soon...

BTW, the picture on top is an anime art of Bioshock..

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