11 June 2008

IAHGames Carnival at Funan


Another game carnival was held by IAHGames at Funan IT Mall today and yesterday.. Well, I won't give any game carnival a miss since they give a free try out of their games.. :P

Went to Funan IT Mall which is in the middle of town at about 1pm.. The place is busy as usual during lunchtime..

Have to navigate through the crowd to get to the carnival located at the mall's atrium..

So what games is IAH up to now?? Well, they are showcasing 2 new games; TOP SPEED and DRAGONICA (below)..

Since the carnival started at 11am, I was kinda late at attending it.. There were alot of people queueing to sign up for the close-beta for the games.. I had to wait for 5 mins for my turn to register.. -_-"

And since today was the 2nd day of the carnival, the host was somewhere else and not on the main stage..

Well, at least we get to see some trailers of "Boring" Granado Espada (No offense GE players.. )..

The Alpha version of Dragonica was awesome IMO.. Well, it isn't like World of Warcraft.. But at least I have something to take up my boring time staying at home doing only nothing just playing Patapon.. ^^

Bird's eye view of the carnival after end of lunchbreak.. Most of the crowd has dispersed to the other parts of the mall..

And here is the big pamphlet by IAH, showing 3 games which is Dragonica, Top Speed and Granado Espada latest expansion pack..

Well, did have fun at the carnival.. Still have some spare time to play Vegas2 somehwere in the mall.. ^^

And here is the long trailer of Dragonica.. If it is tl;ds, then its alrite..

BTW, picture on top is Ranka-chan from Macross F.. ^^


  1. IAHGames is so fail.

  2. LOL Fariz, You had to wait? I was supposed to be one of the marshals-in-charge, LOL, if I had been there I'd have let you in quick.

  3. hey i didn't remember ranka wearing those glasses. did i miss anything? which episode was that?

  4. @ panther: Yeah, their previous games are FAIL.. But I hope with Dargonica I may like IAH back.. ^^

    @ CI: Yea.. But I didn't see you there.. Maybe I went on the wrong day that you were working..

    Anyway, if you have "lobang" for jobs tell me ok.. ^^

    @ gordon: Haha, it is actually a photoshopped version I found at 4chan..

    She looks like a nerd wearing one though.. :P

  5. Dragonica looks like win!

    ..But I'm just a sucker for good artwork, so I'll probably stop playing the game in less than a week. ^^;

  6. @ mizunaga: Well, it looks good alrite..

    But yeah, I have the same feeling as you in term of graphic.. But I will give this gam a go first before I decide whether its worth playing longer.. ^^

  7. IAH has poor management. Look at GE now and you can see it.


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