10 June 2008

Shakugan no Shana-tan: Fumina Konoe Strikes Back!

Even after watching this episode again, and I still find it hilarious.. The early parts with the usual cranky Yoshida and Shanatan overlooking Yuuji were the same as always..

I lol-ed at Konoe and Hecate ‘resonating’ with each other for so long till Shana-tan shouted, "What the Hell!!".. Even after the resonance is complete, all of Konoe’s memories were just foods and birds.. XD

Then during the School Festival, the usual shy Yoshida suddenly became a cute-sy freak, saying that Yuuji called her cute when he did not in the first place.. The scene of Yoshida throwing away Pheles’ cross wasn't that funny compared to the rest..

Then we had Yoshida playing Twister on the magic battle map, Yoshida completely blowing off Ike with a grin and asking for Yuuji badly.... Sabrac explaining how his flame wave works (it’s just like putting knives in a washing machine.. O.O) was very "educational" but scared the hell ouf of Shana-tan..

And we ended with pimp Sabrac, chilling in a bar with Wilhelmina and Margery draped on either arm. And there is the funny part where Margery want Sabrac to show his .44 Magnum.. And lol at the "Smack" part..

And this is from Zyl:

OMG Bel Peol as the Mama-san! I’d be a regular at this snack bar!! And nearly bust a gut LOLing hearing Sabrac addressed as ‘Sabu-chan’.

Yeah, you said it better than what I could have said.. ^^

Anyway, for fun, I've compiled all the scenes of Shana-tan in this episode.. Enjoy!!

I liked Shana-tan when she has the "Shocku" expression.. Kawaii~~

Shana’s melonbread dance at the end was unexpected for me but I found it quite entertaining.. She could have done the Caramelldansen.. XD

But whats with Yuuji doing "Janken pon"?? Well, to be continued then.. ^^



  2. Lol Shana-tan is cute.

  3. @ C.I.: Yesh, it is EPIC.. She is EPIC in the show.. Nuff said.. ^^

    @ yumeno: I like the chibi Shana-tan, especially the "Shocku" face expression.. :)

  4. Honestly, I've found the previous Shana-tan episodes to be a little annoying.. Have yet to watch this one though.

  5. @ mizunaga: Yeah, its a must watch episode.. But yeah I found some of the scenes pretty boring..

    But overall, I find this episode quite funny in a sense, especially with Shana-tan around.. ^^


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