29 June 2008

Toys & Comic Convention 2008 Day 2

It is the 2nd day of the Toys & Comic Convention 2008 held at the Suntec Convention Hall lvl 6..

Before we even start going into the convention, we must plan ahead so that people like me do not lose track of what you are really supposed to do.. Do that first and you can relax for the whole of the day..

Now here is a revised plan of the map.. Old one can be found in my
previous entry..


Black Line = First path, going through Green & Yellow-circled booths..

Red Line = Second path, going all the way to the Blue-circled redemption booth..

Pink = A Priority 1 booth to go to when just entering the convention; The Star Wars booth.. XD

Green = Booths that I will go to make my purchase of some stuffs.. ^^

Yellow = Booths that I must go to stamp my passport for the redemption offer 2morrow..

Blue = Booth that I must head to after everything is done.. Last place to go to.. Ouh, it is the redemption booth.. ^^

So after getting my 1st stamp onto my TCC passport at Nintendo and the 2nd stamp at Chuang Yi, I went straight to the Hasbro booth which is better known as the Star Wars booth..

In there, you can see all the figures, action figures and even the miniature vehicles that you see in movies..

This is a big scene area where Darth Vader gets to meet the Emporer himself..


Next up would be the amphitheater of Storm Troopers and Clone Troopers..

All led by one single person, George Lucas himself.. ^^

Don't mess with me or you'll get it.. *snigger*

More pics at the booth..

Ok, here is what the TCC passport looks like.. Although it looks quite worthless to some people who unknowingly take it, this passport is actually quite a worth thing to hold and get stamped..

Because after you've managed to stamp every spot in this passport, you are entitled to get freebies at the redemption counter..

Problem is, Singapore is well-known for its very long queues.. So some were taken by surprise by the long lon queues..

Ok, now onto our next location, the Collateral Damage booth at the South of the map overview.. It is booth number 4 btw.. ^^

This is one of their artwork which is very nice.. And of course there is Hatsune Miku and Reimu Hakurei in it.. 2 for the price of 1...

However, they say that it will be sold next week during the CosFest at Downtown East..

Well, I after I got all my stamps, I was actually ready to roam around the convention free till later on to collect the freebies.. Anyway, went to the Bandai booth to get some pictures of the Gundams there..


This is the best gundam anyone who visited the booth wanted to see and maybe even buy it; the Shin Musha Gundam.. ^^

More gundam pictures..

These are the 2 other BIG SD gundams on show other than the Chohi Gundam..

A random shot of the Kamen Riders.. They are awesome lol.. ^^

Next up would be the toys from TouMart and Devil Robots.. Although they look unique, they are actually quite big.. Some are 1/7 scale while some are 1/5 scale..

This ones are special.. They are called Tofu guys.. You can make your own face on the blank Tofu Guy if you collected him on the 1st day of the convention..

A poster of the famous Dan Dare.. He was one of my old-school heroes.. Yes really old-school..

A shot of one of the Storm Trooper near the stage area..

Storm Trooper and Suzumiya Haruhi... What are the odds???

Now lets move on to the D-Box booth.. Well, what kind of stuff are they showcasing??

Well, the booth is showcasing the vibrating chairs which can simulates the bumps that you can feel in real vehicles when you are on the dirt track etc..

The game looks fun btw.. But too bad I didn't try it since the queue was very long..

Ah yes, one of the few Power Rangers Megazords that was shown in a booth near the Bandai booth.. Sorry if I can't remember the name of that booth though..

Anyway, just by looking at this, I can say that they must have been taking care of this megazord set like crazy to be in great condition.. Why?? Well, this one is actually from the 1st Power Ranger series..

Sadly, mine was totaled long time ago.. Pity.. :(

Some of the other Megazords at the booth..

LEGO Star Wars.. Well, not literally the game itself..

Ah, the TIE fighter.. Classic..

A shot of OLD Solid Snake.. Wonder how old can he still be if the game progresses on...

Ok, now here is main reason why most of the people really come to the TCC..


So from here till the end below are pictures of cosplayers.. Some were great while some were just alright IMO.. The cosplayers were already at the convention by 12pm, 2 hours before the main CosCon (Costume Convention) kick off..

Well, without further ado, enjoy looking at the pictures.. ^^

Now it is the Vocaloid cosplay.. Everyone was like taking out their respective cameras when the Hatsune Miku and the Akaito cosplayer pose.. The great thing is that the Hatsune Miku cosplay is the winner for the Single Category of the Anime Cosplay Competition..

To me, the Hatsune Miku cosplayer looks quite good, even her voice almost sounded like Hatsune Miku herself.. Well, that is just me since I am a fan of Miku.. Orz..

Enjoy the rest of the pics..

Now back to the remaining pictures of the other cosplayers..

I especially like the Jedi cosplayers.. They know their stuff man.. Their moves were almost exact to the ones on movies.. But I LOL'ed when one of the Jedi's lightsaber wasn't bright enough..

I was like..


Who can't resist the Afro Guy from DDR2.. Everyone loved him.. ^^
Those 2 are EPIC team..

That is all for the 2nd day of the Toys & Comic Convention 2008.. Hope you enjoy reading this tl'dr entry..

Well, if you to see more of the pictures, you can visit my flickr page to see them.. Click here to visit the page..

For 2morrow, I will be showing you all the loot I got for the 2nd day of the convention.. For now, I'm going to sleep since school gonna start tomorrow.. :(



    Enjoyed them I hope. ^^

  2. lol how come the trooper is holding a haruhi figure? someone pass it to him? ^^;

  3. @ CI: YES!! I enjoy being in the pciture together with Hatsune Miku..

    Well, to thank you, I shall give you my Anime-Baka badge.. ^^

    @ gordon: Yup, you are correct.. Some guy just gave the stormtrooper the Haruhi figurine and he was like lolwut??

    But who cares when most of the photographers were just happily taking pictures of him.. ^^

  4. Hey Fariz! Thanks so much for your help yesterday. You can e-mail the pictures to me at endorxdkang@hotmail.com whenever you like. Rock on!

  5. @ ak: Sure no prob.. I will send to you right away.. ^^

  6. Half the time you and Gai were queuing up for some form of freebie or other. I am surprised you got so many pics lol.

  7. hey! you got a shot as well! that's our Haurhi. LOLOLOL!

    nice photo coverage you got there.

    not many cosplayers yea? :( disappointing.

    hopefully this coming weekend's event will be a good one! :)

  8. @ panther: It was thanks to Gai and his friend Kenny for queueing for me for the freebies.. And in return I took some photos using Gai's videocam.. ^^

    @ anonymous coward: WHAT!! It was awesome having the StormTrooper holding onto Haruhi..

    You deserved a cookie.. ^^

  9. I see Allen Walker is back ^^ I'm really impressed that he even had the second outfit to wear.

    Miku looked good, but she could've used some better looking leeks..


  10. @ mizunaga: Yeah, I think that cosplayer is a very good one.. Most of us remembered him cosplaying as Sasuke in StreetFest..

    Miku is FTW!! The lights in her sleeves are amazing.. ^^


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