18 June 2008

Osu! PC Game

I received an info about this game from my brother, Infestor51 and since I am curious about good games ( according to him then ), I give this game a try..

So what is "Osu!"? It is a rhythm game based on the gameplay of the popular Nintendo DS series
Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!

and its overseas counterpart Elite Beat Agents...

So what do you do in the game? Well, it is pretty simple.. You pick a song from the list and you just have to follow the beat of the songs by clicking with your mouse on the markers shown at the correct time..

There are 3 type of markers in the game:

~ Hit Markers: Numbered circles that must be tapped in sequence in time with the music.

~ Phrase Markers: Markers with tracks extending from them. The player must trace the mouse cursor in time with a ball rolling on the track and may be required to move back and forth across the track several times.

~ Spin Markers:
A spinner that the player must rotate quickly until bars along the sides of the screen are filled. The speed at which they must be spun depends on the tempo of the music and difficulty of the song. If the player has time to continue spinning the marker after filling the gauge, bonus points are awarded for each continued rotation. The positions of Roll Markers are constant across all difficulty levels.

If you hit most of the markers correctly, this sign will appear during the breaks in the song.. But some of the song don't have this because they don't have any breaks in them..

However, if you make alot of careless mistakes, you will fail automatically.. -_-"

Other than just pictures as your background, some of the songs does have video played in the background, adding some uniqueness to the song and the game itself..

There are different mods you can put into the songs you want to play..

Here are the list of the mods you can add:

Difficulty Reduction [Mod(Score Multiplier)]:

Easy: Reduces overall difficulty by making the marker circles bigger. ( -0.50x )
No Fail: Self explanatory. ( -0.50x )
Half Time: Slows down song. ( -0.40x )

Difficulty Increase [Mod(Score Multiplier)]:

Hard Rock: Increase Difficulty. ( +0.06x )
Sudden Death: Miss a note and fail. (NIL)
Double Time: Increase speed of song. ( +0.12x )
Hidden: Play with no approaching circles and fading notes. ( +0.06x )

Special [Mod(Score Multiplier)]:

No Video: Duh!! (NIL)
Relax: Game will auto-click for you. ( -1.00x )
Taiko: Play the game in Taiko mode. (NIL)

Well, other than just play the songs all by yourself, you can also challenge with your friends or even with strangers online on any songs you have in the list..

You can either create a new room or join any existing rooms..

If you don't have the song when you join a room, there is a download button for the song..

The songs or Beatmaps as they call it in "Osu!" can be downloaded at the website itself.. You can visit it by clicking it

Well, I like the interface of the game.. I've played a couple of the songs and I got into the ranks in some of them which makes me quite happy.. The only way for you to know how I feel if you play it yourself..

You can visit the website here..

Save for last, here is a preview of a song played in "Osu!".. The song name is DejaVu from the game "The World Ends with You":


  1. Ooh, this looks like a fukken awesome timekiller. Thanks Fariz ^^

  2. @ CI: No problem.. Have fun getting to the top 8 for some of the songs.. ^^

    I'm currently having trouble with some of them.. :(

  3. WHAT THE FLY. I will FAIL at this game.

    Will try it anyway. orz

  4. @ mizunaga: Nope you won't.. Practice makes perfect.. Though I still cant finish any songs fully in hard mode.. >.<


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