14 June 2008

Singapore PC Show 2008 Prelude

It's finally here again, the annual Singapore PC Show has finally opened for the public to buy all Electronics-related products.. It is touted as Singapore's longest IT and Electronics Show, which is in its 18th presentation..

The event goes like this:

Date : 12 - 15 June 2008
Venue : Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Location : Level 3, 4 and 6
Organizer : Lines Exposition & Management Services Pte Ltd
Time : 12.00 pm - 9.00 pm

I went there alone on the 3rd day of the convention after my studies with Benjamin, FlareFox and Benn for exam.. -_-" Going there at 3pm was already problem... Human traffic from City Hall MRT Station in Citylink Mall was pretty much crowded.. Luckily it wasn't chaotic..

And when you expect the traffic at Citylink Mall to be very crowded, you have not seen the entrance to the Convention Hall in Suntec City..
Took me 5 mins to get through this crowd..

The first booth I saw when I reach the 3rd floor was Singtel.. The set up a very huge booth area compared to the one used by Starhub in the last
Singapore IT Show..

They even set up a special spot for you to test out their modded F1 car to drive around in the simulated track of Singapore in the upcoming F1 race in September..

And of course my favourite booth in every IT or PC show, Sony who again set up their long booths at the 3rd floor of the Convention Centre.. You know what this means.. They have free PS3 games for people to play, including me.. :P

By then, I meet up with Panther, Jon and Sam who were also wishing to go into the convention hall.. But due to the overwhelming number of people in it, we decided that it was not fruitful to enter it without purchasing anything inside..

So we headed off to Kallang Leisure Park and to La Tendo for some figurines window shopping.. ^^

Well, I'm gonna go to the PC show 2morrow which is the last day of the convention and see what products are currently on sale and etc.. I'm going with my brother, Infestor51 this time though..

And I recommend going to the PC show and buy something good.. Even C.I. got a 42" TV from the PC show.. ( Wat The FLY!! )


  1. It's not full HD, just 1080i native, must have been an older JVC series.

    But seriously, this is a consumer electronics show Fariz, go pick up something epix.

    I think I saw 500GB Seagate HDD's going at pretty cheap, can't recall the price though. It'd be good for all your doojinz of Miku

  2. Epix 42" buyer should just let us all zerg his house.

    I wish I had money to buy stuff, but then again I need nothing from epix PC show that I can think of.


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