20 June 2008

Gackpoid; VOCALOID2's New Character

Finally after months of waiting, the 3rd person of the Vocaloid2 family is finally unveiled by "Internet" (Yes, there is a company called "Internet" ) recently..

The name is Gackpoid after the singer/actor Gackt.. You will be surprised at how good Gackpoid is in singing, other than just the weirdness about the voice being artificial..

While some people find it strange to have a guy with long hair wearing a lady-like clothes and holding a fan, I on the other hand find it unique in a way..

Though Gackpoid does resembles Saotome Alto from Macross F.. :P

"Ma iikka".. At least Gackpoid will be a great new addition to the Vocaloid family.. Now lemme see if there is RULE 34 on Gackpoid already.. ^^

The software itself is expected to hit store shelves late July — retail price 18,900 yen...

BTW, here is some demo songs that Gackpoid got to sing for us.. Enjoy!!

Song Demo 1 - “Ookina furudokei”:

Song Demo 2 - “Lovers again”:

Source: Moetron


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