23 June 2008

Ongoing Exam Period

Master is busy mugging for his exams..

Hatsune Miku here.. My master, Fariz Asuka is currently busy studying for his Mid-Semester Test (MST) this week and will not be blogging till this friday..

I on the other hand will take over from here on so that I can keep the blog updated with the current news and trends..

I hope I can make my master happy that his blog would not grow algae while he is on a short leave.. I hope you all will appreciate my presence for this week.. ^^

I would like to take my leave now and help with my master in his studies.. Sayonara..

With regards,
Hatsune Miku

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  1. hi miku, do sing us a song as well. ^^;

    all the best in your master's exams.


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