22 June 2008

Team Blue June Photoshoot Revealed

Finally the day I've been waiting for, the June Photoshoot for Team Blue.. Well, not exactly everyone in Team Blue came for the photoshoot.. But they have their reasons, no worries.. ^^

So for this month's photoshoot, we met up at Toa Payoh Town Park (TPTP?) or Toa Payoh Garden ) at around 3pm+.. I meet up with Jon (Wcloudx) at Toa Payoh MRT station at around 3.20pm before we head to the park..

When we arrived there, Sam (Squee), Hirito and Gordon were already there.. Panther arrived later due to reasons which only we knew.. ^^

Before we start around with our photoshoot, we got a group shot first..

From left: Squee, Wcloudx, Fariz Asuka(me), Raven, Panther, Gordon(Face covered due to copyright law, lol) & Hirito.

Well, most of us were not smart enough to where sleeveless shirt or short pants.. Hirito was the smartest of us since the sun is going to be very very hot in the afternoon.. :(

Day Shots:

After that, most of us went around to take our individual photoshoot of our figurines/figmas/nendo while 1 stayed behind to guard our belongings..

I was part of the majority, bringing along my Nendo Miku around to find the best place for good shots..

Due to the hot sun, most of us decided to head back to our shelter were we put all of our belongings.. Then Sam or Panther asked whether we could take a group figure shots..

And what do we have here?? Part of the group taking some shots of the group figures.. Gordon's face have been blocked again due to copyright laws.. Pity can't show you all his face but he will sue me if I do so.. :P

A close-up of Panther taking a shot of the group figures..

Later on, Gordon suggested to Squee that Claire switched weapon with Kanu.. And here is the result..

When the heat died down, I went around again around the park and took more shots of Hatsune Miku.. Even Hirito suggested to me a perfect spot where he also took some shots of his own figurines.. Thanks Hirito.. ^^

After that I used my spare time taking shots of the other member's figures..

Other than just the shots of the figures, I did take a few shots of TP Town Park itself, some shots around the park.. Beautiful to take during evening period..

Hirito had to leave early after our shots of each other's figures due to an important appointment.. Raven too had to leave early though I was not there to know the reason.. Sorry Raven.. :(

Next on, we moved to our last spot before our dinner.. The spot is actually the verandah just across the lake from the shelter we were at before..

And there, we continued on taking more great shots of our figures..

A nice spot I might add.. ^^

The best shot of Kanu close-up using my dad's N82..

And here I would like to present to you how a real photographer take some good shots of subjects at certain angles..

Do you want to feel the power of my Geass??

Claire and Shinra looking at Nendo Miku singing happily all day.. :)

Picture speaks a thousand words I might say.. :P

After somemore shots of our figures, it was time for us to have dinner while Gordon left us for home.. We left there around 7.15pm..

After our dinner we went back again to take some night shots of our figures..

Night Shots:

Well, during this period, there are only 2 people in the group that can take awesome shots of our figures at night; Sam and Jon (He is the KoF of course)..

Me and Panther on the other hand, were fail in taking night shots with our own cameras.. Even with adjustments, we either took "too dark" shots or blur shots..

Anyway, enjoy the pictures..

This must be one of the best picture taken so far.. Sam was still testing his camera on how fast the shutter can move to take a nice shot.. The first one ends up like this..
Miku doing MIKU BEEEEEEEMU!! Awesome!!

A night shot of Kanu by Sam.. Very nice indeed..

We ended our photoshoot at around 8.45pm.. It was quite a great experience for me to learn about photography all over again.. I think the rest obviously enjoyed the photoshoot too..

And thanks to the rest for teaching me the steps of taking a great shot under most weather conditions like cloudy, sunny, etc..

Well, thats it for this month's figure photoshoot.. Hope you enjoy it.. And sorry if its "tl;dr" type of entry..

Well, there are the rest who also cover the photoshoot.. Please visit theirs too..

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  1. The photos, they are epic.


    Also, roflmao @ Miku Fireball

  2. welsper8412:06 AM

    Someone already showed Gordon's face on his/her blog and linked it to Dannychoo's lol

  3. Miku fireball was epicly named by me the moment I saw it. But seriously, Sam was pissed at that light, kept appearing in his sights until I told him it would be better to switch position and aim at a different angled background.

    And that pic of Sam is awesome. Told you you were the only one who got it.

    Welsper: Probably me.

  4. thanks for not showing my face but guess panther already spoiled it. lol.

    the quality of the N82 aren't bad for a camera phone. ^^;

  5. I have owned mr low angler by getting an even lower angle ^^;

  6. @ CI: I am also pleased that you like it.. Here, let me give you Miku's leek as a present.. :P

    @ welsper84: Yeah, I know who are the culprits.. At least Gordon won't have to "sue" me for showing his face..

    @ panther: I have to agree with you, those lights can be very annoying once in awhile..

    But that shot is kind of unique in a sense when Miku was holding her leek..

    Pic of Sam was pure luck.. I grabbed my chance to take that shot.. :P

    @ gordon: Haha no problem Gordon.. I can cover up anything if the person asked me too..

    Well, not everything exactly, especially Kanu's many pantsu shots.. >.>

    @ squee: I have seen your pics of the lower angler.. You should make captions for those too like what I did for mine.. ^^

  7. nice photos :D

    must be fun doing this kind of activity :)

  8. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Wow, to tell the truth those are really nice photos seeing that it was taken with N82. Didn't expect a mobile phone to have that quality though ^^;

    The "Fireball" is a nice touch btw~XD

  9. @ ron~: Yes it was fun.. I gain some knowledge on how the DSLR camera works and also how to take some great night shots..

    @ Wcloudx: Yeah, I was impressed myself.. Didn't know Nokia can have such good in-built cameras..

    I will sure take somemore shots during the upcoming Toys & Comic Convention.. ^^

  10. Wow~ I like your day pictures. Miku looks great!

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