17 June 2008

Battlefield: Bad Company Poking Fun on MGS4

Well, I thought I have seen enough of Battlefield: Bad Company trailer but this is IMO quite funny.. Also are the so many fanservice things in MGS4 such as the
Playboy magazine as a tool and the Akina Minami poster..

But I like the part when Solid Snake stupidly moves the barrel he is hiding in and later on got blown apart by a grenade launcher.. And ROFL at the eyepatch joke.. ^^

Here is the video:

Source: Kotaku


  1. LOL. EPIC.

    Thanks for sharing xD

  2. @ mizunaga: TOTALLY EPIC..

    No prob.. BTW, thanks for the game.. ^^

  3. i love easter eggs in games. like the Akina Minami poster. it makes playing the game more fun. ^^;

  4. @ gordon: I think there will be more easter eggs in this game.. If only I have a PS3 and the MGS4 game.. :(

    Well, on to the other games then..


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