08 June 2008

Synaesthete; Blending Music with Action

I found this game recently on the net and decided to give it a try.. Before you play this game, heed this warning..

This game can cause SEIZURE because of the flashiness of the game.. Please do not play this game if you have that medical condition..

Back to the topic, the game is called Synaesthete, a mixture of music-button-mashing plus action games.. When you start off a mission, you will start as a character that look almost like Domo.. Kawaii~~

What do you have to do? You'll just have to go around in this linear but game and shoot around monsters..

But you can't attack the monsters simply by just left-clicking your mouse.. You will have to play in tune with the music that is playing.. Something like DJ Max but easier.. ^^

So you must hit the note at the correct time to start whacking the monsters with lasers.. If not then your character can get a significant amount of damage from being kamikazed by the monsters..

There are 3 types of beat in this game:

Low Beat = Blue Colour
Medium Beat = Green Colour
High Beat =
Red Colour

But if you have the skills from playing DJ Max or some games that it related to it, you will play the game with ease.. To those who just started playing this game, don't worry, the songs aren't that fast at the beginning so you will get the hang of it..

Then in most games, there will be bosses in some stages.. In this stage, I have to fight a dragon boss named Voxel King.. A few surprises this boss have but if you know the rhythm of the song then you can defeat it easily...

Anyway, it is not recommended to play all the notes.. You will not lose points if you miss a beat.. But if you can hit every note, you will sure to get a very good score..

As you progress in the game, tempo will go higher and higher.. In this case, my music is now a trance music..

since the tempo increases, the notes gets more congested while it scrolls down very fast.. So you may end up button-mashing once in awhile to kill monsters..

In this stage, the next boss would be Viper Vizier, a snake boss.. Self-explanatory..

In this case, you just have to avoid his head till his tail when he slithers around the small area..

After you've completed each mission, points will be shown and your character will start dancing.. XD

This is the default keys.. Though you can change them to your heart's content..

Nothing is as fun as having powerups you can use in missions.. First up is the Epiphany; a healing spell.. Self-explanatory..

Although name isn't that important, but the effects when a spell is activated is totally awesome.. ^^

Then there is Rain Dance which is the best spell for beginners..

It helps by casting rain on enemies, destroying them eventually.. However, spells does not work on bosses other than just epiphany which heals you..

There are alot more spells in the game.. Here are what you can get in-game.. This is just about the most my character could get.. There are more to be unlocked but Im still searching..

I like this game as the music is quite nice to listen to and I find it quite challenging to control my character and avoid the monsters while playing the beats to attack them at the same time..

Well, if you like this game, you can download it free
here.. Enjoy playing it!! ^^


  1. Sounds good, though I must say.. I suck in games like this, where you have to sync with the beats. Will give it a go anyway.

  2. @ mizunaga: Well, if you play long enough, you will get the hang of it.. Almost anyone can play this game.. ^^


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