28 June 2008

Toys & Comic Convention 2008 Day 1

Finally I have the time to post about the 1st DAY of the Toys & Comic Convention 2008 organized by Animax & Singapore Tourism Board (STB).. Well, to begin the day, well the day didn't start out very great.. Why do you ask??

Well, the long queue to get into the event was like EPIC.. Very EPIC indeed..

OSHII-.. How do I get past these lol..

Well, the queue was so long that the management for the T&C Convention was pressurised that it had to cancel the registration-option and let everyone into the event..

Once inside, the first booth that caught our attention was the Wii booth by Nintendo.. They have from Guitar Hero 3 to WiiFit.. All of these later below..

The best thing is this.. A great shot of Panther with one of the girls working for Nintendo..

Wanted to put the Anime-Baka badge on his face to hide his identity but gave up on that idea.. ^^

Since today was just the first day, we were just taking a stroll around the whole convention to see what was in store for us.. So first up it was the Bandai booth where we were greeted by a few giant SD Gundams..

I prefer this gundam; Chohi Gundam so I took a pic of him..

Next up is the Simply Toys booth where they have almost every head replicas from movies..

Example would be from the Lord of The Rings like this helmet of the Great Sauron..

And also the Iron Man's helmet.. I like the glowing light coming from it's eyes.. ^^

The next booth we went to was the Magic; The Gathering booth.. They have free demos for anyone, pros and non-pros to pit their skills with the people working there.. I can say that some of them are very good players since they can beat some of the people there (not counting the very pro and non-pros)..

This is the Hasbro booth which has almost alot of Star Wars figurines... Since the place was packed, I had to take this one shot.. I will take more pictures 2morrow on the 2nd Day of the event..

A booth that doesn't exist??? Right...
No comment about this booth.

Next up is the Rapid Culture booth nearby.. It took us awhile since the whole route there was packed with people going here and there..

The shop sells stuff like miniature cars and also vehicle-related toys like Transformers etc..

Random picture from one of the booths there.. The poster looks very nice..

Another random picture.. To INFINITY AND BEYOND!! LOL..

The LEGO booth was up next.. The place was unique as it doesn't have any barriers like normal booths have.. Instead it is an open area where young kids can come in and make their own lego masterpiece..

If you are not interested in building one, you can still look at some pre-made masterpieces of prominent buildings like MICA..

And this must be an example of a HDB neighbourhood.. Looks weird but to the people who made this, you deserve an A+ for putting a great effort in building this.. ^^

This one will be the Winner part of the entry.. Just see both pictures and tell me what is wrong with the pictures.. :)

Next we move on to the other booths.. We start off with 77 Star Pte Ltd.. This company is the one that made Singapore 1st anime series, Gacha=Gacha... ^^ I like their show since although graphic still wasn't that good..

We must support Singapore anime industry.. Right??

Next up we have the 501st Legion - SG Garrison; Singapore's own Star Wars group..

Nice helmets they got there..

Now lets head back to the Wii booth.. There we get to see some players play it out in Guitar Hero 3.. Awesome stuffs happened there..

Even the players were wearing boots that fit the game genre somehow.. ^^

The EPICness of the players playing Guitar hero 3 even attracted the attention of this Chibi dude who took some shots of the players.. Everyone around me, including me, couldn't resist taking a photoshot of him lol..

More shots of Guitar Hero 3..

Other than just the 2 of them, there were also some people who played the game quite well, even better than the main players playing in the centre of the Wii booth..

But nothing is fun than watching the cosplay competition which started around 3pm..

Before this, Panther and Dead Snake went off to La Tendo so that Panther could collect his figurines and after that he will head off to Bugis for some arcade fun..

Anyway, enjoy the pictures.. ^^

The winner for the group western cosplay category goes to the Star Wars Jedis while the Runner-Up went to the Star Trek group..

For the single categories, the 3rd place went to the Star Trek officer.. The 2nd place went to Godzilla (Aww, he could win 1st place lol)..

Last but not least the winner for the single categories goes to the Clone Trooper Commander(Duuno his full name, very sorry).. He would be the center person in this picture..

At this time, Gordon, Double, CI and his friend went back already since they were not interested in queueing for the Negima figumates.. That later on..

Back to the Wii booth, me, my brother Infestor51, BigguGai and his friend, Kenny were shocked to see Allen Walker and some meido girl playing Guitar Hero 3.. We were like, "Must take some shots of them!!".. orz..

More pics of mechas from the Bandai booths.. More shots 2morrow.. ^^

Now this is another best part of the entry, the showcase of the EPIC hauls from the convention..
This looks very epic..

Other than the 2 posters, me and Infestor51 first have the 2 figumates from Negima!: Magister Negi Magi.. We got Asuna and Fei Ku...

Then we have this weird-looking ice-cream monster toys.. Dunno what to say about those..

Next up we have the KidRobot toys..

Then we have 2 faceless Tofu toys..

And to end it, we have 2 free starter decks of Magic the Gathering..

You know why we got some good ones while also got the weird stuffs? The answer is tht they are freebies and they were up for redemption.. So since it is free, might as well join in the fun right?? ^^

Now here would be the overview map of the convention.. Quite a lot of companies who set up their booths in such conventions that began just this year..

Now onto 2morrow.. I made a plan overview of what is to be done when I am there at the convention..

Every event comes with good planning..

Black Line = First path, going through Green & Yellow-circled booths..

Red Line = Second path, going all the way to the Blue-circled redemption booth..

Green = Booths that I will go to make my purchase of some stuffs.. ^^

Yellow = Booths that I must go to stamp my passport for the redemption offer 2morrow..

Blue = Booth that I must head to after everything is done.. Last place to go to.. Ouh, it is the redemption booth.. ^^

Well, there you have it, the 1st day of the convention.. Well, I need to sleep now so that I have sufficient energy for the 2nd day which includes Japanese-related cosplay..

IF you want to look at more pics of todays event, you can visit my Flickr folder here..


  1. I will get that poster. It is so damn good.

  2. lol u planned it out on the map like konata. ^^;


    On a side note, I'll see if I can grab more of CDS's stuff. And I will bring a better camera. orz.

    Nice pics, but one correction, the LoTR armor is for Sauron, not the Nazgul.

  4. I didn't know Singapore got 老夫子(don't know the English name). I read them a lot when I was kid.

    panther always gets to take picture with cute girls... lucky bastard :p

  5. xD I like the booth that doesn't exist. I mean, if it existed, I would like it.

    That Allen cosplayer.. his costume and wig look good, but he should have done something about his skin color :\ I also notice his left arm was normal..

    Good planning for day 2 Asuka ^^ I thought of Konata too, when I saw your plan xD

  6. @ panther: Sorry tried today and it was not on sale.. Pity since I want that too.. ^^

    @ gordon: YES!! Planning must be done before you set foot onto a convention like this or else you or one of your items might get lost..

    @ CI: OK, WILL DO!!

    Yeah, thanks for the info.. Changed that right now..

    @ lsio: Yes he always does that.. He is one lucky guy.. Well, what can I say?? Thats Banchou for you?? :P

  7. Nice one lol, but... no figma hahaha sorry couldn't resist, i know it's not a con for them, sadly. :P
    Now i at least know about what Wii girl you guys are talking all the time. :)
    Seems you had fun. ^^
    Oh those shoes, if they were orginal chucks i would prolly go for them lol.

  8. that clone commander looks like Commander Oddball to me (he was the one who gave Kenobi his lightsaber then received order 66 and gave his clones the order to shoot Kenobi down in episode 3)

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