07 June 2008

Awesome Loots from Bugis..

Just back from Bugis, me and my bro, Infestor51 were at Bugis area in the afternoon to buy some goodies for ourselves since we practically saved some $$$ for something (apart from me spending it on figurines.. ^^ )..

So first up is the famous Bugis Street, well-known as the largest and cheapest street market in Singapore.. We went there to snoop around and see what is worth buying.. My brother got himself a "real" watch.. Price?? Abt $15.. XD

Well, at least it comes with a box..

A very good packaging for just $15.. At least now I can store all my junk in the box.. ^^ The watch is quite nice-looking.. Considering all functions do work for a "real" watch, it seems the watch is worth it..

For more info about Bugis Street, click

After buying the watch, we set off again to Sim Lim Square, known as the "electronics hub of Singapore" as it offers greater range and variety of a single product like cameras, PCs, etc..

Used to be a hub for pirated goods, but nowadays, there is none..

The bad thing is is that we came at the wrong time as it is the weekend.. The crowd was huge that we could barely made through the first few levels.. Anyway, my brother straight went to an audio-related shop; 'Hung Brothers'..

There, my brother quickly rushed in and purchased a Sennheiser MX400-CS earpiece.. The price?? A cheap $25.90?!?

I gave it a test and found out that it is even better than my earpiece which cost abit more.. :( $25.90 is considered a good purchase but we cannot bargained for a lower price since they say that $30 is the original price and lowering the price further will make a loss to them.. -_-"

But hey, a very good Sennheiser earpiece at that price, it is a great buy.. After making that purchase, we didn't went home just yet..

I and my bro went around the mall to play some free game; Infestor51 having to play Dawn of War: SoulStorm while I got to play the full version of Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 which Panther loved to play.. ^^
Infestor51 playing Dawn of War: Soulstorm.. ^^

It is at the game shop where I met up with Akabane and Zero together with their friends.. Though there were no signs of Panther ( He did say he gonna meet both Akabane and Zero ).. After that, we simply went home and enjoy our 2 new loots..

For more info about Sim Lim Square, click


  1. I was stuck at the arcade playing KOF.

  2. "Hung Brothers" lol ^^;

  3. @ panther: Ah no wonder.. Because they told me you cant make it to Sim Lim Square..

    Oh well, KOF ftw.. XD

    @ mizunaga: Well, it does sounds weird if a caucasian was to read it..

    IMO, it doesn't sounds nice for an audio product shop..

  4. any ideas how many games shops are there? last time there used to be 3 shops at the 4th floor but 2 closed down years ago. the one your brother is playing the game at seems to be doing well. the uncle there is friendly.

  5. @ gordon: Well currently,there are about 4 game stalls in lvl 4.. The one I played is a very old shop but I liked the place because I bought the cheapest World of Warcraft card from that very shop.. ^^

    And yea, the uncle is very friendly.. And I love free games.. XD


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