21 June 2008

Team Blue June Photoshoot Preview

Just came back from Toa Payoh a few hours ago.. I thought I do not have the time to post about this preview entry..

Hirito, Gordon, Panther, Sam, Jon, Raven and me went for today's photoshoot.. You can expect more pictures 2morrow.. I'm currently busy studying for the exam starting this monday..

Above is my Nendo Miku I brought along for the photoshoot.. Also my 1st time doing an outdoor photoshoot in a big group..

Speaking of Nendo Miku, Jon's blog did mention about the WonderFest Ver. of Nendo Miku.. It is a more advanced version with more Hachune Miku faces..

There is also the Nendo Miku doing the Caramelldansen.. A MUST GET I TELL YOU!! Well, I must find sources to get me that rare Nendo Miku.. ^^

More of the pics from the photoshoot tomorrow.. :)


  1. Nice to see you guys had a good time. I was busy as hell. T_T

    Anyways, I expect epic photos. DO NOT FAIL ME. ^^

  2. i was fun trip today. though the weather was kinda hot during the early part of the shoot.

  3. @ CI: Ok I won't fail you.. ^^

    @ gordon: Yeah, the weather was very humid in the afternoon.. It felt as if our figurines can melt in any seconds that time..

    Well, overall, at least we have a great time taking alot of pictures.. ^^

  4. People that went with shades in the afternoon are smart. :D

  5. @ Panther: Yeah, I'm a noob not to bring a sunglass.. But other than that, we should have worn sleeveless shirts.. It was freaking hot out there under the sun..

  6. I win with shorts + sleeveless!!

  7. Looking forward to the pictures! :D


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