27 June 2008

Annoying Telephone Marketers

I'm feeling very unhappy with telephone marketers from banks.. Why do you ask? Well, the first reason in which most will know is that they will call you any time unexpectedly..

Well, I'm somehow gotten used to being called unexpectedly by them for a long while until last week when the frequency of their call started to increase from 2 per week to an astonishing 10 per week..

The great thing is, this happens during my Mid Semester Test(MST) week.. Most of the calls happens 20-30mins before the start of some of my papers.. :(

I wished they call me at a later time because I have school.. Heck, I don't blame them..


Now for the final reason; some of the telemarketers are very persistent to get you to sign up for their credit card plans..

Here is an excerpt of one the calls which happened this week:

Telemarketer: Good morning Sir. I would like to know whether you have any credit card plans currently?

Me: Nope, I have none at the moment.

Telemarketer: Ok. I would like to hav- (skipped their promotion of their bank's credit card or else this entry would be tl;dr). Are you busy at the moment?

Me: Yes, I'm now studying for my exam later. I'm ver-

Telemarketer: Ouh, can I make a call to you later?

Me: Err.. Guess What?? I'm a student for goodness sake.. Hello? Studies??

Telemarketer: Ouh, I'm very sorry to disturb you. Gdbye/Kthxbye..

Yes, this actually happened yesterday when the telemarketer called me 30minutes before my Operating System(OS) test.. At that time, I was busy revising for the test very hard..

I hope I would not get an influx of calls from banks or else I will get pretty mad at them..

The funny thing is is that I'm 20 years old this year. I wonder why they call me to make me sign up for such plans when the age limit for doing so currently stands at 21 years old?

How about you?? Do you get alot of unexpected calls from the banks' telemarketers?? If so, how do you deal with them?

Note: The 1st 2 pictures above is of the unofficial Vocaloid character Akita Neru while the last picture is Hatsune Miku from the "Black Rock Shooter" song. Pictures are taken from 4chan and also from Gelbooru..


  1. just say u don't have a job and there's no money in the bank.

  2. Why does that other Vocaloid character look like a recolor of Miku? Instead of, originality.

  3. Just answer and leave the phone alone ^^; I did that once with a couple of prank callers. xD

  4. @ gordon: Well, that would be true.. I am actually unemployed because Im a student and my debit card is with my mum's hand.. ^^

    @ panther: Well, actually at the beginning alot of people thought that would be Hatsune Miku who got a black rock recolour..

    In the end, Ryo or Hake later revealed that the character isn't Hatsune Miku.. So as of now, the character has no name..

    @ mizunaga: I will try your trick next time the telemarketer calls.. ^^


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