13 June 2008

Soul Eater Op and ED Redux

Well, its been a few days since the OP & ED singles of Soul Eater were just released.. Although I blogged about the short OP and ED of the anime, it didn't showcase the PV by the respective artist..

Well, let's start off with the OP song of Soul Eater..

Opening Theme
Title: Resonance
Performed By:
T.M. Revolution

The OP was simply amazing.. T.M. Revolution made a comeback after 3 years of absence.. Well, he was in a band ( I forgot their name though.. Gomen.. ) though.. Anyway back at the song, the tempo was great and the beat was too fabulous that I don't know what else to say..

Anyway here is the OP TV of Soul Eater:

Now for the full song and the PV.. When it came out on 11 June, I quickly grabbed the oppurtunity to listen to the full song..

IMO, I find this better than the songs he did for Gundam Seed.. This song totally blows my mind.. The beat is too amazing that I recommend you to listen to it..

The PV on the other hand was opposite to me.. Well, the song is nice that I would agree but when I saw the video I was like "Wooowwwww.." (Sarcastic).. The reason is that for the PV, it is just a compilation of all the previous PVs he made smack into 3 minutes and 43 seconds..

Anothing thing I find it funny is the MASS advertising by Sony in the PV.. Let me tell you what Sony products I saw in the PV:

1. Sony PSP
2. Sony VAIO laptops
3. Sony Walkman MP3 Player
4. Sony Ericsson Walkman Handphone
5. Sony TVs
6. Sony Camcorder
7. Sony LCD Screen on vehicles
8. More Sony TVs..

Well, so much for heavy advertising.. But hey at least the video compilation looks totally EPIC.. The people did a nice job with the compilation that it somehows look original in a sense..

Well, you may now watch the PV video:

Now onto the ED of Soul Eater..

Closing Theme
Title: I Wanna Be
Performed By:
Stance Punks

I didn't like the song when I first listened to it but as I kept on watching the anime I grew to like it somehow.. Well, although the song is kinda weird in a way, i find it catchy.. Might be the beginning where the song starts out slow and suddenly the band play a rock song..

Here is the ED TV of Soul Eater:

About the full song and the PV, the song is awesome while the PV was a turn off.. Other than just one or two parts where he "mumbles" the words of the song due to sore throat ( I forgive you.. Singing loudly for a long duration will cause sore throat.. ), I find the full song great..

The PV is a no-no for me.. Too much of the camera moving here and there gives gives me a headache.. Too bad for me.. :P

Here is the PV of the ED single:

Well, I find both the anime and the OP & ED of it pretty much amazing.. Soul Eater is already on my top list to watch and shall remain there provided they don't put fillers in it.. ^^

And to save for last, here is the 2 songs on IMEEM..


  1. TM Revolution is now officially gay. HARD gay.

  2. T.M. Revolution is also officially on Sony's payroll.


  3. I WANNA BE is indeed an interesting song ^^; It grew on me too

  4. @ panther: Well, compared to Hardo Gay, he still lose to Hardo Gay.. IMO.. ^^

    @ C.I.: Well, as you can see the many Sony products in the PV, this is a hecily advertised PV song.. I'm deeply disappointed with Sony.. :(

    @ mizunaga: Yeah, this song rox.. Nuff said.. ^^

  5. young_saiyan8:11 PM

    I loved I WANNA BE from the moment I heard it. Who on EARTH goes from a nice, slow song to full out rock?! xD


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