16 June 2008

Gurren Lagann Parallel Works #1

Finally the 1st MV of Gurren Lagann is finally out I waited patiently for it.. Gainax announced about it long ago..

Apparently they used the songs from the TTGL soundtrack which in this case is the song, "Rap is a Man’s Soul! (Dai-Gurren-Dan Theme)".. This is an awesome soundtrack for this great music video..

The story for this MV goes like this:

Set in the medieval world, Simon, Kamina and Viral who plays as knights out to rescue poor Nia from the clutches of the Spiral King. Yoko makes her appearance later on as one of the guards of the castle and fought with Kamina...

Simon in this MV is already older and look more GAR than ever before, especially when he strike the Spiral King with the drill.. Yoko still looks hawt in that outfit.. ^^

Kurogane did blogged about this very early so yeah I'm kinda late in posting such good news..

To catch the video, you can visit the link

I shall wait for the next Gurren Lagann MV.. I'm not gonna regret watching them when they are out.. This one is pretty awesome.. ^^


  1. This MV was very nice ^^ I look forward to the next one too~

  2. Keisuke Wantanabe did this particular animation. For a key director of TTGL ep 27, I expected epic, and got epic.

    Nice find, Fariz. ^^

  3. @ mizunaga: Yeah, me too.. I'm looking forward to the next MV of TTGL..

    @ CI: Arigato.. ^^ We can expect more soon in the future..

  4. Watched this the other day. Great stuff. Can't wait for the one where they'll be using "Libera me" From Hell

  5. @ shin: I shall wait for that MV as well.. ^^


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