07 March 2008

The Singapore IT Show '08 Day1

Walking into eternity..

Finally, I have some free time to talk about the annual Singapore IT Show.. This year, the IT Show is located at the Suntec City Exhibition Centre near City Hall MRT station..

Went there at about 12pm since the exhibition is open from 12pm - 9pm.. Upon reaching the 4th lvl of the exhibition, I scanned through the layout of the exhibition..

A complete journey will take me at least 2 days..

Well, the exhibition was beyond my expectation.. Firstly, they took up both the 4th and the 6th floor with full capacity and more people are visiting it...

Ah, the norm crowd..

Well, this year's IT Show is a total crowd puller.. I've reached the exhibition at 12.15pm and the exhibition is almost crowded with people..

The big companies in this yr is the same as last yr, such as Sony, Nikon, Samsung, Courts and much more..

Also included in the list is our home-grown company, CREATIVE... However, their booth is smaller compared to previous IT Shows.. But they are still one of the crowd-puller in the exhibition..

Other than big companies on the 4th floor, theres the 6th floor filled with medium and small companies like Sonic Gear.. Theres one of the booth that caters to games which is Cubinet, a Malaysian Publisher for Perfect World..

It's quite good that they have a booth in the exhibition to showcase their game.. The game is also a very enjoyable MMORPG game too..

To save the best for last, I went down to the 3rd lvl to visit the Sony Booth, especially the Playstation booth..

But before that I took a break at the stairs to relax my legs, since I've been standing for too long in the exhibiton for hours...

Sony still dominates the exhibition since they took a large area in the 3rd lvl.. They sell their products from tvs to PS3..

But I wasn't there to look at the Tvs.. I was there to play their PS3 games.. They have a range of games available such as 'Heavenly Swords' and 'Ratchet & Clank'..

So I played Heavenly Swords for 3 hours before I went back home since its getting late.. However, there were still people going to the exhibition while I'm on the way to the mrt station..

This year Singapore IT Show is awesome.. I will visit the exhibition again tomorrow to complete the journey which I temporarily stop to play the games..


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