24 March 2008

Hayate No Gotoku fav. songs

With Hayate No Gotoku ending in one more week, I decided to review the songs from the OPs and the EDs which I find quite nice to listen to..

After a good review of all 6 songs; 2 OPs and 4 EDs, I've picked 2 of them, 1 OP and 1 ED.. The ED song is "Get my way!" by
Mami Kawada..

The 2nd song is the OP for the 3rd Season of Hayate No Gotoku.. The song is titled "Shichiten Hakki ☆ Shijōshugi!" by

Both songs are nice although I would recommend the others to be listened too.. Well, their reputation is well-known online and also in Comiket ( Comic Market )..

Other than Hayate No Gotoku, they also sang songs for Shakugan No Shana, both in Season 1 & 2.. I wonder what songs are they going to sing for oncoming animes sponsored by Geneon Entertainment..

Well, I've uploaded the 2 songs from the anime series.. Enjoy!!

The ED (Season 2):

The OP (Season 3):

I was thinking of buying the albums, but I'm on a tight budget as I'm also planning to buy all the Gundam 00 model kits..

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  1. Anonymous10:28 PM

    I also like the OP and ED songs of Hayate no Gotoku! Thanks for finding out the artists for me ;-)

    Nice site you got going here! Oh, and one more thing, the "ED (Season 2)" YouTube clip doesn't work anymore. Care to change it?


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